Unlock Left 4 Dead’s Next Map Early By Play-Testing "Dead Air"

The importation of original Left 4 Dead maps into Left 4 Dead 2 rolls on, with the latest update to "Dead Air" delivering a new version of the Terminal map. Valve says the update brings matters "pretty close to being complete" but "at this stage what we really need is more testing." It's found a way to get you to do that.

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Solid_Snake-2358d ago

love the perks of PC gaming.

fluffydelusions2358d ago

Valve tried this with portal 2 and it didn't work. Hopefully this time it does.

WhiteLightning2358d ago

Am I the only one who prefers playing these maps on the first game with the good old L4D style and characters before they made it a little over the top and gave it that warmer feel instead of the dark, creepy atmosphere the first L4D gave us. I mean a pan as a melee weapons....really.

That's the reason why I hate how Valve have tried so hard to kill off the first game and it's amazing characters (Bill over Rochelle). Some may think Valve are "perfect" but for what they did to L4D and then lied about supporting it...I really don't think they are. The Boycott group was right at the end of the day I wish I believed more in them instead of jumping on the "They are whinners" band waggon.

MrSpace2358d ago

You will NEVER beat the first Left 4 Dead.

It's something which I'll never forive Valve for, fucking up the franchise instead of supporting L4D like TF2.

With TF2 support L4D could of been amazing, now were stuck with unlikable red necks.

iNFAMOUZ12357d ago

where the hell is the xbox 360 support?!
so lame,! I spend hours and hours playing left 4 dead, its my favorite series and we dont even get the support we deserve, I mean shit, we xbox owners have to pay for online AND xbox live, we deserve way more then what we get, so unfair. /rantover

WhiteLightning2357d ago

It's Microsofts fault not Valve's, they wanted to offer people free content but Microsoft won't let them...guess it's because "Live" is there money maker and they don't want anyone screwing with that. Why do you think they've made up with Sony and brought in Steamworks. I think the new Portal 2 DLC might be free for PS3 owners and if they decide to do a TF3 in the future the PS3 version will be supported just like the PC version.