Ninja Gaiden 2: Ryu's back and this time he's brought his scythe...

Team Ninja's figurehead Tomonobu Itagaki knows how to work an audience, but Xbox 360 World UK forgive him for his cryptic, controversial and occasionally downright bizarre media snippets because this fella also knows how to create the best fighting games on the planet. Welcome to the 360 exclusive that's going to rip out PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma's throat.

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MK_Red4054d ago

Right now, I don't care about gameplay, story or design. It's blood and gore time. Pure bloody fun. Can't wait for some bloody gameplay in good qualiy.

socomnick4054d ago

well said m8 Thats the reason im buying Soldier of Fortune.

MK_Red4054d ago

Completely agreed. Soldier of Fortune Payback is also a day 1 purchase for me. Blood and gore (In games) FTW!

n4iru4054d ago

Looking forward to Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 also.

Danja4054d ago

hmm why would someone compare Sigma to NG:2..? thats just ways good they have another exclusive which probably won't sell that well ne ways to there list..!!..the 360 need as much exclusive as possible cuz 2008 is looking bleak..!!

socomnick4054d ago

? Name an exclusive on the Xbox 360 that has not sold that well I find it hard to believe there is one.

Danja4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

uhh Viva la Paniata....Blue Dragon...??

MK_Red4054d ago

It's more than tragic that not many people bought Viva Pinata. The game's kinda childish looked fooled many but inside, Viva Pinata was an excellent sim game and the art and graphics were more than beautiful.
But hey, there are always great games that people ignore and go buy next Madden and DS pet game instead. Even on a popular system like PS2, a masterpiece like Okami didn't sell much. (Same goes for Indigo Prophecy and Psychonauts, both multiplatform gems).

Evil0Angel4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

HALO3 :sold in 1 WEEK over 3.3 M.that is more than the following gmaes combained
Resistance + Heavenlyswored+ MotorStorm +Warhawk + Lair(that all PS3 FIRST PARTY AAA exculsives) the same apply for Gears of WAR which sold around 4M copies.
DeadRising=over 1M
LostPlanet=over 1M

there is loads of AAAAAAA titles i cannot wait to play in 2008 like KZ2/TooHuman/AlanWake/FF13 /GTA4/Saintrow2..but NINJA GAIDEN 2 is basicly my most anticpated game IN 2008

2ND most antcipated games is APB

ericnellie4053d ago

You're entitled to your opinion, I just feel bad because all you've got to play is RfoM, Motorstorm, and Lair! Have fun with that;)

poopface14053d ago

Im looking foward to this game imensly ans NG on xbox was my favorite game not halo. This game will sell tons as they will be pushing this game much harder that the origional. You can tell because of the amount of people in Halo 3 using the Ryu armor that microsoft is thinking of new ways to advertise. And also the 360 sells way more software than other systems not just because of the userbase but also the high attach rate. So to thik this game wont sell is not very smart as I know many people that believe NG was xbox 1s best game and not halo ar any other game. This Is THE MAIN REAson I bought my 360, and this game looks like it will excede my expectations.

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Spike474054d ago


do i really want that game when so many other games that are better are coming out?

same thing goes with littlebigplanet and infamous.

interesting games but I gotta pass on them to buy gta4, mgs4,ff13,etc.

mesh14054d ago

dont worry is xbox exclusive and is better than the games u mentioned.

solidt124054d ago

Mesh1 if you think Ninja Gaiden 2 will be better than any of the Grand theft Auto and Metal Gear Series games then you are Delusional. Im sure I am not the only one who thinks that. Anyway Ninja Gaiden 2 will still be a great game.

poopface14053d ago

I agree with him that NG was one of my favorite games ever and I liked it more than MGS2, so I Do believe this game will be better than those games as well. GTA4 looks awsome but there are comparable games (kinda), but not many that can even come close to NG1 let alone what NG2 is gonna be.

Charlie26884054d ago

Damn i have yet to play the original in any form cuz I dont know if to buy the Black version and use it on the 360 right now or hopefully get a PS3 on Christmas and buy Sigma

ParaDise_LosT4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Don't buy black xD
Sigma = remake of Black

Ninja Gaiden 2 is gonna kick Ass!
Limbs flying through the air
Blood gushing out hacked bodies
Ripping flesh from bone with scythes and swords

Itagaki may be full of himself, but he makes Great games
More gore please More Gore!!! >:D

WIIIS14054d ago

From now till then, I'll be practising my skillz on Sigma.

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