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What’s the hardest game of the generation?

While Ninja Gaiden 2 and Demon’s/Dark Souls are the obvious shouts, I’d argue the case for Halo 3 on Legendary being one of the tougher nuts to crack this generation (when played solo at least) and, let’s be honest, COD: World at War on Veteran is a complete pain in the ass (how the hell can the Japanese afford so many grenades?). (Call of Duty: World at War, Halo 3, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Ninja Gaiden II, PS3, Xbox 360)

BuffMordecai  +   687d ago
Hard Corps: Uprising.
Donnieboi  +   686d ago
Absolutely! IMO, My hardest games this gen were:

-Hard Corps: Uprising
-Demon's Souls
-Dark Souls
-Mega Man 9
-Mega Man 10
-Metal Gear Online (it was the hardest to master (yet most rewarding) multiplayer to play)
-MG Rising Reveangance (not a fan, but it IS challenging!)
-Ninja Gaiden 1 & especially NG 2
-Tokyo Jungle (especially when using herb-eating animals only)

Looking for old-school style of hardcore gaming? These games won't disappoint!
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frozen-assets  +   686d ago
Not sure about Demon's Souls, it more had a learning curve but most fights once learned became easy and more often than not every fight had a "cheap" way to win. When I did my 3rd play-through for the Platinum trophy I got through the entire game in 3 hours, 0 deaths.

That said I have nothing to add to the list, I generally don't play anything besides RPG's. Catherine was probably the hardest game I played this gen, I'd call it harder than Demon's Souls.
fardan85  +   686d ago
You can add Dead Space 1 to 3.
Hardcore mode is hell and you pay a lot on small mistakes.
I don't remember the hardcore mode challenge for 1 but I'll tell you about the rest.
For 2, there's no check points, you start the game from zero and you only get 3 saves for the entire campaign, enemies are aggressive and resources are less.
For 3, you start the game from zero, you can save as much as you want but on death your save will be reset to the start of the game. Resources are less, and enemy will brutalize you.
j-blaze  +   685d ago
you forgot Monster Hunter games on solo, and Resonance of Fate, these are some of the best and most challenging games this gen
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XxGHOSTxX-420  +   687d ago
Halo solo was simple for me, but w@w was a pain. Took me so long to beat it on veteran. Complete insanity with all them grenades
Campy da Camper  +   687d ago
Ha I remember those damn grenades. Man they were infuriating.
nick309  +   687d ago
Imagine:babyz /s
DoomeDx  +   687d ago
Demon Souls.
PopRocks359  +   686d ago
Of generation 7? Well, for me that would have to be Metal Gear Rising. I've never played any other game that was as fun as it was frustrating due to its difficulty.
Killustrious  +   686d ago
Wouldn't call it the hardest game but out of any FPS I played this generation, Killzone 2 on it's hardest difficulty was probably the hardest. CoD is just annoying because it's a grenade spam-fest and Halo's campaigns are never very difficult to me at all..
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TechnicianTed  +   686d ago
Super meat boy, especially if you're trying to get everything.
JackVagina  +   686d ago
catherine babel levels
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TechnicianTed  +   686d ago
I've been playing Catherine lately, thanks to ps+, and it gets pretty bloody difficult, and that's just the main game, I haven't tried the babel levels yet.
SSJBen  +   686d ago
The babel levels are at whole different league, it's so hard that strategy isn't even the main point anymore.

You just go through it with extreme reflexes, quick thinking and pray to God your next move don't somehow screw up what you just gone through.
Z501  +   686d ago
yeah, some of mgrising's vr missions come to mind. article says Ikaruga. old game is old. if that's the case. Contra Shattered Soldier & Shinobi
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Blachek  +   686d ago
I am going to nominate Portal as the game. With an interesting Real-Time Puzzle based game play with unique mechanic this game could easily become more difficult than the rest of the pack.

It's easy to say a game is hard when you play it on an unlocked difficulty setting called "Impossible" "Insane" or "Unbeatable" but that doesn't inherently make the game more difficult, just the mode.

You could nominate any game with that mentality as long as you can handicap yourself with a horribly balanced difficulty slider, such as call of duty. Where skill no longer plays as big a role as luck.

Heck you could say Madden NFL was the hardest. Here's how, reduce the Player values to the lowest possible value. Increase the Computer values to the highest. Change the difficulty setting to Madden. Drink a 12 pack of beer. I would put money on you not winning ANY game.
airshiraz  +   686d ago
every game on hard difficulty is hard i think but most of them r annoying on hard difficulty rather than enjoyable
but two very hard games that were enjoyable too were final fantasy 13 and splinter cell conviction
leahcim  +   686d ago
So easy answer:

Demon's Souls, (nes difficulty)
Dmd  +   686d ago
Dark Souls - four bitc... kings. Four Kings. Hate that boss.
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Wni0  +   686d ago
Sc2 ladder
True_Samurai  +   686d ago
Halo 4 on legendary damn them grunts and their freaking grenades
mafiahajeri  +   686d ago
Uncharted games on crushing!
josephayal  +   685d ago
street fighter hd remix

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