What if the next Xbox isn’t just a console?

Microsoft has had some major success with its Xbox brand since its launch in 2001, and that success has continued into Microsofts second console the Xbox 360. Since the 360’s launch however, the Xbox brand has evolved. Xbox has moved on to its new Windows Phone 7 mobile service, which shows that Microsoft is getting serious about the Xbox lives future. Recently Xbox live and Games for Windows Live have also merged, to bring an Xbox Live like experience to the PC. It is clear that the Xbox is evolving, and we can expect some great changes in the near future. But the real question is, what is the Xbox’s future?

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Then the Dead or Alive games will be the best selling games in the world.

Karum2689d ago

It depends if Microsoft change their strategy and attitude as to whether or not I get the next Xbox.

Of course I am IMMENSELY interested to see it when they eventualy announce it to find out what it can do and what services etc. it hooks into but I'd really want to be seeing if their attitude to developing games that sets their console apart from the others changes. At the end of the day I'm buying a games console to play games on and that is the one area that will convince me whether I want one or not.

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