11 Best Games For The Rest Of 2011

NowGamer - Building on the brilliance of the last game, Uncharted 3 is a good bet for game of the year. A great script, brilliant puzzles, peerless gunplay (well, maybe Gears will be as good) and some Cell chip-busting graphics means that Uncharted 3 should be on every gamer's playlist this November.

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Ezio20482400d ago

i asked my heart which game would i pick for GOTY...and it said loudly "Uncharted 3"!!!!!

-Mezzo-2400d ago

Luckily I'll get to play all the games on both Xbox 360 & PS3, it's good to own both Consoles. But on the other hands it is also BAD, as it doubles you expenditure. lol

Tachyon_Nova2400d ago

lol whatever, you're always getting games for free for being top contributor :)

TimmyShire2400d ago

I can't believe so many games are coming out within a month... Oct/Nov are going to be costly.

Feckles2400d ago

Booking holiday off right now. First Uncharted 3, then Skyrim. It's going to be a brilliant winter.

skyward2400d ago

Funny how with Wii U announced, Skyward Sword could be the game that finally makes me want to get a Wii