Gran Turismo 5 Mid-Race Saves "Under Development"

Kazunori Yamauchi re-confirms that one of GT5′s most-wanted features is still being worked on.

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lazertroy2545d ago

So glad I bought this game. And I don't even like racing games.

CameronL992545d ago

It's completely retarded that they didn't have this on day 1 for a game featuring 24 hour races. You can tell the developers of this game are complete no-life nutjobs who play games 15 hours a day, sleep under their desks, and have no problem going around the same boring track for 24 friggin hours, all for a relatively miniscule cash prize at the end - completely ridiculous game.

BrianG2545d ago

Those races are only designed for the most elite Gran Turismo fans. Not to mention they are not required to beat the game, just to Platinum the game.

The fact that they are adding a mid race save feature is a sort of cheat for those who either can't devote the time due to other commitments, or just can't handle 24 hours of racing.

In reality on these 24hr races people take turns driving, maybe they expect you do that with the game, pass the controller off.

stevenhiggster2545d ago

The rest of the game is great. But it was a completely ridiculous idea thinking that anyone except nutjobs would play for an actual un-broken 24hrs! Not least to think of the strain that puts on your poor old PS3.

kneon2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )


I don't think it's a cheat if done right. In real life endurance racing no driver goes 24 hours straight, they are part of a team of drivers. But allowing saves at any time is not the right way to go about this.

The right way to implement this is to only allow saves during a pit stop. Also as a bonus I would like them to allow you to form an online team so that you can change drivers during the pit stop. When you save and change drivers the race will become available for the next driver to continue the next time they are online.

How ever they do it I hope it comes soon so I can finish those last 3 races.

Grip2545d ago

elite Gran Turismo fans???? u call a 24h on video game race r only for hardcore ?? whaat!!! how the hell play 24h on one day !!!!! and don't u dare compere it to the real life

BrianG2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )


That is what I was getting at. Breaks are fine, I doubt many would play straight through without a break. Even on the 4 hour races I took breaks, left the game paused for 20 mins, etc...


Relax man. And I compared it to real life regarding the 24 hours of racing. They do have 24 hour races in real life, they just split it between drivers. Which is what I said in my previous comment. Invite a few friends over to help out.

Also not saying that it is ONLY for the hardcore, but obviously a committed fan would be more willing to take a shot at the 24 hour race than a casual GT player.

EDIT: Remember people, this is a driving SIMULATOR. They don't save, take a day off and come back in real life during these grueling races.

ShinMaster2543d ago

Can't you switch with your AI and race for you in endurance races?

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NotSoSilentBob2545d ago

The whole game is under-development still last I figured. I mean don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy it but to me PD/Kaz looked at the grand picture from the start instead of taking stepping stones and working from a common denominator.

Hicken2545d ago

This is pretty much all I wanted. I spent an entire weekend on a couple of the endurance races because I had a heavy work schedule. During that time, my PS3 remained on, which isn't what I'd have liked at all.

I've lost such races in previous games due to power outages, and it sucks when six hours of racing goes to waste.

For those- Boletarian, in particular- that likened this to Forza's rewind feature, that's a silly comparison. The rewind pretty much negates a mistake you made, which isn't very sim-like at all. If it was at the very end of an endurance race, that sucks, but that's what happens when you screw up late in a race. Tough cookies.

EverydayGuy2544d ago

Probably gonna take awhile to balance. Maybe he gonna give us 3 saves for the 24hr endurance race.

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