Zelda Fans Create a Website to get a Majoras Mask 3DS Remake.

Some really dedicated Zelda fans over have created an online petition in the hopes that they can help Nintendo get the ball rolling on a remake of Majoras Mask for the Nintendo 3DS.

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agentxk2544d ago

How about not making another 3D remake and bringing fans something totally new?

DA_SHREDDER2544d ago

dude, Majora's Mask is my favorite since Link's Awakening. I'm all for this.

agentxk2544d ago

I can see how it could be popular, I want to have some reason to feel like 250 wasnt a waste

aviator1892544d ago

Signed it! I'm just excited the 3ds is 170 now. 250 was just ridiculous for the hardware, but 170 seems pretty reasonable. Majora's mask has got to be my favorite zelda to date.

BubbleSniper2544d ago

Links Awakening? I don't understand... Link to the Past is the greatest Zelda, right next to Ocarina of Time.

I did not like Majoras Mask. I will never, EVER get why people like Majoras Mask.

I also don't understand why they keep screwing up the Zelda timeline, adding all these new characters... I mean.. I could be a hypocrite? because I enjoyed Twilight Princess... but I still give my all to Link to the Past. It was a serious dungeon Zelda like The Legend of Zelda... Nintendo needs to go back to it's root with Zelda... I want more dungeons, more enemies, less talk and BS, linear story, non-linear exploration, secrets galore and unlockables, replay, new game+ type stuff. all in glorious HD.