Batman: Arkham City Skins Announced So Far, And How To Get Them Batman's got quite a wardrobe in Arkham City and with more skins being announced at a seemingly daily basis it's time for a detailed look on how to get them!

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WhiteLightning2542d ago

You would think they would ALL be in the Arkham City Collectors Edition.

InNomeDiDio2542d ago

Batman Beyond looks amazing. I'm such a big Batman Fan. I love him for being a Hero with only human capabilities. A true Dark Knight - Day one!

MaxXAttaxX2542d ago

Is the concept of unlocking things in games gone now?

This is BS.

badz1492542d ago

it's the DLC generation. expect nothing less! :-(

spektical2542d ago

and they should be.. no excuse honestly.

i agree the batman beyond looks awesome!

SilentNegotiator2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Why would you dress up like Robin or Batman Beyond? lol

Joker: "Why Batman, how nice of you to....DROP, in! WHOHAHAHAHAHA"
Batman: "No, I'm Robin! PPPPTPT!"
Joker: "......."

And If I see another "Vote no Steitz" ad......geez, Democrats spend so much on negative ads, even though they so often denounce it. And for a friggin' STATE LEVEL politician?? Those union superpowers in WI are DESPERATE.

DaMist2542d ago


Robin I assume will have his own set of moves, kinda like Joker did in the first one. As far as Batman Beyond, that IS Bruce there, not McGinnis, as he donned the suit first, so why not?

SilentNegotiator2542d ago

Okay, I admit it, I was wrong. I now remember that Bruce DID don the Beyond suit first.

But Robin is just a skin, isn't it?

acemonkey2542d ago

Yeah and Robin and all that DLC Packs

AzaziL2542d ago

When I was your age, our special costumes were in all versions of the game and the only way to get them was to PLAY the game... Sigh, those were the days.

DragonKnight2541d ago

Can I get an Amen to that? I miss those days.

awi59512542d ago

I want a to play as nightwing damn it lol.

Sony3602541d ago

I knew it.

As usual, all these great costumes aren't unlocked - you only get them for pre-ordering them at some random ass store/chain that isn't in my area.

I'm sick of this.

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CrimsonEngage2542d ago

You don't get anything from pre-ordering from GameStop? I don't live in the UK. Nice to know i'll be forced to pay for these outfits on the marketplace a month after the game comes out. Bastards.

Nitrowolf22542d ago

It's complete BS. Why can't they just have the same pre-order all around. It's just about competition between these retailers, but still come on.

NukaCola2542d ago

Arkham Asylum DLC was free. I don't think they will charge you. I bet the costumes will come in a couple months or the preorder unlocks them early and you still get them in the game sometime. Rocksteady is not a greedy company at all.

noxeven2542d ago

Gamestop has some stupid challenge map honestly who cares about that. Costume are were its at this time around. maybe they will catch the drift and give us the beyond costume here in the states

f7897902542d ago


If you buy it they will continue not to give a fuck about you.

Micro_Sony2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I wonder if the PS3 will get the playable joker again.

Or maybe Rocksteady will show the 360 some love and give the 360 a playable Clock King character.

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ABizzel12542d ago

Ugh. I want Batman Beyond and Robin. :(

I hope the costumes give you different abilities like the God of War costumes (but I doubt it).

AEtherbane2542d ago

The Batman beyond one is so sick. Definitely the best one.

mafiahajeri2542d ago

I really want the BTAS one hopefully they make him look exactly the same. They should make a challenge mappack with the Joker but the BTAS version DAMN!!!! THA WOULD BE AMAZING!!

Whitefox7892542d ago

Better question why can't they have skins unlockable in the game?

I'll you guys something though looking at these outfits really takes me back.

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