No More Sengoku Basara Games For The West?

If you’re a fan of Capcom’s Sengoku Basara series, a.k.a Devil Kings on the PS2, and are looking forward to the newest installment, Sengoku Basara : Utage ( which releases in Japan later this year ) then you're not going to happy to hear the bad news.

According to a response by Christian Svensson ( Sven ) on Capcom Unity community forums regarding the future of Sengoku Basara in the West, the situation doesn’t look too promising.

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Dart892545d ago

0h yea well f*** you scamcom.

Simon_Brezhnev2544d ago

yeah fuck scamcom i want this sequel.

sarshelyam2544d ago

Agreed! Because what I really want is Super Mega Ultra Hyper Marvel vs Street Fighter x Tekken Arcade Edition!

Man, Capcom must think we're a bunch of f*g idiots who only love buying the same damned game over and over. So instead of bringing us sequels to the games we love, Mega Man Legends, Sengoku Basara, they pour the drivel fighting franchises down our throats with far more regularity than a person who eats fiber and downs a bottle of laxative for breakfast!

Capcom...I officially hate you now!

dangert122544d ago

Well were not proving the theory wrong

not us but the gaming population who buy there rehashes

ApexHell2544d ago

when will this company go bankrupt thank you for megaman and other great titles in the past but fuck off now!

Baka-akaB2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

they've released the serie multiple times and it doesnt sell , what would any other publisher do in this situation anyway ?

So your angry with their dlc , megaman , the fighting games re-release or all of the above combined ... fine .
But this time it's a silly excuse to hate them .

Best served trying to convince capcom of letting a smaller publisher distribute the game

sarshelyam2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

The problem is a bit more simple than you make it. They claim the SRP for the game was $29.XX, when every retailer that actually did carry copies was selling it for more ($39.XX).

This, coupled with the fact that product was low and incredibly difficult to locate copies with any regularity, well, it was a hunt for some of us to even find the game in the first place.

Furthermore, they did no advertising for this game. There were a couple print ads the month it launched, but nothing else. If Halo has proven anything it's that even crap can sell when it has the proper advertising campaign, so who is at fault really? The fans that have scrambled to buy a game that saw low production numbers anyhow, or the company that poorly markets the product in the first place?

I do agree with your last line, however, so you got an agree on that.

Baka-akaB2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

This was not the first game they released you know . They've tried westernizing it for two ps2 versions , to my great agony , and they even promoted it , at least then .

Let's be honest here ... the far better known dynasty warriors series , arent a big blockbuster in the west . THere were hardly chances this , howevver better it is imo , would fare much better .

It's even a bit better known since the sengoku basara anime , but still remains a very niche market and genre .

I'm not happy about it , but i can see were a publishers could say , it's not worth it .

And again some people are just venting their ,valid or not , frustation from other capcom related antics , upon this news . You will be seeing more of them in the thread , than genuine Basara fans .

admiralvic2544d ago

Exactly this. The game came out at 40 in the states and sold poor. Even now its dropping lower and lower on amazon. Currently at 16 and it's a completely logical choice.

radphil2544d ago

"They've tried westernizing it for two ps2 versions , to my great agony , and they even promoted it , at least then .

They butchered the first one, renamed Devil Kings, and the 2nd one never got here.

We only got 1 and 3.

Tommykrem2544d ago

Weird, didn't think this was the way the world was going.
Thought there would be more japanese games trying to take on the world as the industry grows bigger.

zerocrossing2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Good thing I never got into this franchise to end up disappointed, This is nothing new though Capcom cancel and refuse to localise games all the time. Where's Dino crisis 4, Onimusha 5, Breath of fire 6 and Megaman Legends 2? Capcom doesn't want to make them so we don't get them, but they make sure we get plenty of their half finished and rehashed fighting games.

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