Sony PS3 hardware sales sees major slump in Q1 2011

Sony has published its reports for the quarter ending June 30 and the results aren’t pretty.

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Inside_out2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Looks like the hack had a devastating effect on console sales. With the holidays around the corner, I think they can make up the difference. The holiday launch of Battlefield 3 and COD will really help them move some need to panic.

dangert122576d ago

Lets not make what sony sold less. I still get to play great sony ps3 exclusives only time this matters is when sony look guys this is too much were packing in the console business which i would dread cause IMO there miles better then nintendo and microsoft Imagine this gen without the ps3 exclusives like.
Demon souls
LBP 1&2
Yakuza 3&4
Infamous 1&2
Uncharted 1&2
Killzone 2
Socom 4
Resistance 1&2...

dangert122576d ago

Cute the 'Disagree entourage' is in full effect today ^_^

I_find_it_funny2576d ago

i disagree with you just because you one of those who feel the nees to post a list of ps3 exclusives

Dante1122576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

So it's a 3.2 difference between the PS3 and Xbox 360 now. Thought some folks here said it was 5 million?

Edit: Also for future disagrees and for "Why oh Why"

Xbox 360 sold 1.7 million

PS3 1.8 million

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jessupj2576d ago

I have no idea why you're getting so many disagrees. And they say this site is run by PS3 fanboys.

I agree though, I would be very depressed if sony didn't exist and I was forced to choose the 360 to satisfy my console gaming needs. I probably wouldn't even by a core gamer if that was the case. I'd just be a semi core PC gamer.

Solid_Snake-2576d ago

i disagree because your one of them insecure fanboys that needs to make a list of sony's (mediocre) exclusives.

Cmpunk2576d ago

yes sony should be ashamed of these results but still ps3 has outsold xbox again they should be happy about that 3.2m to go.

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skeletonss2576d ago

if you think MAG, WKC and infamous 2 were good games, i got a bridge to sell you.
id take gears 1 2 3 over MOST of those games. minus warhawk, killzone and metal gear.

MysticStrummer2575d ago

@skeletonss - To each their own. MAG is still my favorite online FPS this gen. Donno about WKC myself, but lots of people on my friend list were addicted to that game for a looong time and swore it was great. Donno about Infamous 2 either, though I intend to play it eventually because I loved the first one. Having played Gears 1 and 2, I wouldn't take any game in that series over any game on danger12's list. Good luck selling that bridge.

andibandit2575d ago Show
nycredude2575d ago


You joking right? I owned Gears 1 and 2 and never could play past the first hour. Just boring as hell. And Gears 3 isn't even out yet.

Mag I play nothing else fr 3 months straight and met like 30 gaming friends. Infamous is great, just like the first. WKC i own but got a backlog of games so neer finished.

Like someone else said to each his own. Gears I couldn't care less about.

gaden_malak2575d ago

"if you think MAG, WKC and infamous 2 were good games, i got a bridge to sell you. "

And here's some free advice:

Learn what an opinion is.

cobblestone192575d ago

@ Solid_Snake-

It's a shame that you have so many agrees.
It's a testament to how many 360 fanboys care about sales. That's why your in this article.

Majority of Ps3 exclusives are fantastic games.

Mediocre? lol no...

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Why o why2576d ago

damn you sony! all I get are these extra games instead of my financial bonuses :(

on topic

too bad!

palaeomerus2576d ago Show
IRetrouk2576d ago

if you actually read the story, software sales are up.

Information Minister2576d ago

@ palaeomerus:
So what's your point? Is it that Sony should publish less games and be more like MS? Even if Sony's profits exploded sky high, how would gamers benefit from that, considering they would be getting LESS games to chose from? I'm sure that would be very good for shareholders, but what's in it for the people who actually play the games?

How are gamers reaping the benefits of Microsoft's increased profits? By getting Kinect shoved down their throats and fronting extra cash for XBL's price hike?

Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with my "extra games".

MOTY2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Yes thank you Sony. Thank you for producing all that "quantity" of's just a shame that in your pursuit of trying to push out so many exclusives in 1 year, you denied the "quality" on a few of those titles.

I will take quality over quantity any day...remember a couple years back when a certain crowd that plagues this were preaching the whole quality > quantity on this site? Ah good times, good times.

cemelc2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )


"Yes thank you Sony. Thank you for producing all that "quantity" of's just a shame that in your pursuit of trying to push out so many exclusives in 1 year, you denied the "quality" on a few of those titles. "

LOOOOOOL, dont know wich games you played but im pretty sure they were all rated 8+ or 9+, when you say quality you must mean something else cos from critics to players all agree they are quality tittles.

Why o why2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Yeah moty, the same multiplats and zero non kinect games. Good for you and if youre that picky you probably wouldnt of played much this year at all. No wonder youre here trolling all the time. Not enough goty it multi or exclusive. Add up the averages of those 'mediocre' titles from sony and youll see their average score is higher than the multiplats average score so who got the better deal here. (i didnt tell you to add up the average 360 score because they havent released anything non kinect yet, yeah its july, i know).

Sony being 1st 2nd or 3rd wont change much for me as i get ef all for it. You celebrate sonys horrific sales like you get more games......lmao.. You get nothing other than the 'not got much to play so ima troll' achievement since you only play the best of the best an all. So yeh, quality over quantity but i dont think ms's gap over sony or npd are playable games quite yet. So with no quantity its impossible to have any quality. I say this but you may just prefer kinect...good for you as youre gunna be seeing a lot more of that if ms keeps moving how theyre moving.

Im not taking the piss out of 360 owners only just all the troll types that think sony ms or nintendo are their friends. All we should be asking for is games that we like and support. Too many people caring about these huge company's bottom lines when you should be caring more about what they provide for us..... i understand that this is about sales which on closer examination aren't as bad as some would have us believe but lets put things in perspective. What do we get. I mean the the second place console is doing so terrific why'd you have to wait 8 months for core games to be released. Dont tell me all of n4gs 360 crowd have shifted to the casual side because thats what ms are doing. Multiplatform games were always available but those old school screams of 'no games' shows how hypocritical some people can be. Never mind a bit of banter but with the bait n switch ms have pulled, how can you take the pee with a straight face.

2575d ago
Information Minister2575d ago

Ohhh, that is just priceless! What high quality Xbox 360 releases are you referring to exactly? Please, I'd like to know precisely what exclusive Xbox 360 game released so far in 2011 blows this ( ) and this ( ) out of the water.

MysticStrummer2575d ago

The people who don't understand that PS3 still outsold 360 even with this slump make me smile. Thank you, silly people.

Anon19742575d ago

Not a great quarter from Sony. Beat the 360 this quarter, barely - but still well behind so far this year. Looks like Jesse of EEDAR was way off with his "PS3 outselling 360 by 10% ytd"

It was only a matter of time that the impact from the price cut would start to fizzle, although it lasted longer then I had anticipated, almost two years - and numbers for this quarter are still well above how many PS3's used to sell before the price cut. I'm sure the PSN outage didn't help either.

Still I feel this lends more credibility to the rumor we might see another PS3 price cut incoming. It's been years now since Sony confirmed the PS3 had been profitable as a platform, and over a year since Sony stated the hardware was profitable. It's been two years since Sony stated costs to manufacture the PS3 were down 70% since launch, putting the cost to make a PS3 around $240. The costs have to be lower than $200 now.

With PS3 software sales up and making a tonne of cash, it makes sense for Sony to get more units into more homes. A cut from $299 to $199 would certainly do that - and I have a feeling it'll happen at Gamescon next month. I've even advised a good friend who needs to replace his burned out PS3 to wait a month and potentially save himself $100.

That would certainly put the PS3 over the top this holiday season. $199 - almost the same price as a wii and you get Blu-Ray, 3D, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3. At $199, there will be a lot of PS3's under the tree this year.

gamingdroid2575d ago

As you reduce price, it gets increasingly harder to save money so I doubt Sony is able to reduce a $100 since last price cut which they were just breaking even at best.

The next price cut will be $50 for a total price of $250 for the PS3, but MS is in the driving seat now. Profitable business, large growth and pricing advantage.

MS can drop the price any time to raise market share so can easily compete with Sony. Most likely Sony will just keep the price for the foreseeable future as it is at least profitable.

EVILDEAD3602575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Interesting how your tone has changed now when the shoe is on the other foot. Sony will be fine this year, just like they are every year. Whether, they choose to announce a price cut or not, Sony will still have a great holiday and ultimately a great year.

But the point I make is after you've obsessed about Micrsoft's suposed quarterly losses at every opportunity you've had, it's peculiar how you approach Sonys report. And this isn't to bash you..these are FACTS

Just 3 days ago when you believed the analyst who said that he thought the 360 was 10% behind the PS3 you said..

'If Kinect is doing so well, where has the growth gone year over year? What happened to the increase of 80% for 360 sales year over year for the quarter? Why are MS hiding the Kinect figures? Why is the division almost in the red for the quarter?'

Heres your answer..

Twelve months ended June 30, 2011 compared with twelve months ended June 30, 2010

-EDD revenue increased primarily reflecting higher Xbox 360 platform revenue. Xbox 360 platform revenue grew $2.7 billion or 48%, led by increased volumes of Xbox 360 consoles, sales of Kinect sensors, and higher Xbox LIVE revenue

Sony's report

Sony Corporation,the world's largest game console maker,announced its consolidated results for the first quarter ended June 30, 2011 (April 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011)

-Sony Corporation posted an operating income of $340 million;the company reported a net loss of $191 million

Worldwide hardware shipped this year for the first two quarters January through June...

PS3 - (1st) 2.1 + (2nd) 1.8 = 3.9 Million
Xbox 360 - (1st) 2.7 + (2nd) 1.7 = 4.4 Million
Nintendo - (1st) 1.36 (2nd) 1.56 = 2.92 Million

These are simply the facts..this ain't even about whose winning or losing, just to point out the hypocrisy of agressively repeating how bad you believe Microsoft is doing in article after article, but when it's Sony? Proof is in the pudding.

Even this article has turned into the daily 'exclusives' war..

That's fine..who cares about would just be nice if people back up all the talk and actually support the games for the systems they own.

It's honestly such a great time to be a gamer no matter what you own..I say own em' all


EVILDEAD3602575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

@ Darkride..

Please stop spamming users inboxes with your posts..but then cowardly blocking the responses because you can't handle the truth. Believe me..I only used one example..I could had used many many more.

You are in my inbox pretending that Im only saying that you should be more negative about Sony. Wrong..look at your entire history. You have spent article after article for over a year trying to point out how bad financially microsft is doing from quarter to quarter. Even if they have a good quarter you try to spin it negative. But like I we have Sony and look at your post.

Fact had Microsoft posted a 100 million dollar loss in any year you would have been the very first fact you would have blogged about

Which is ur god given right. Ur bias and agenda is clear..we get it..but so is the hypocrisy..and I just simply pointed it out


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Optical_Matrix2576d ago

Can't be that devastating if it's still 10% of the 360 in hardware sales can it? lol Things will get back on track I'm sure. Whether or not it sells isn't a concern to me because I've personally, got a shit tonne of games to look forward to on the system and it's not like this short sales slump is going to stop them from releasing now is it?

squallheart2576d ago

This would explain why we havent received any ps3 shipments since may at target stores

Drekken2576d ago

Every time I read a post by this guy I get an overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom.

kingdoms2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Sorry they are not making the difference. That's not even the main reason PS3 sales are down. The sales are down because PS3 is losing the hearts and minds of the consumers due to system software, services, software titles and kinect. The myth the PS3 being more powerful has been killed in the public eye so worry worts no longer avoid the 360. I'm telling you right now forza 4 will take over GT prestige and be the new racer to worship in Europe and around the world.

PS3's mediocre fluffware exclusives are not enough to compete against all the other reasons consumers are buying consoles for these days. Once digital TV comes to XBL there will be no need for sales comparisons anymore because the 360 will sell a million or more consoles a month by default.

jeseth2575d ago

They need a price cut.


showtimefolks2575d ago

its funny how people are happy ps3 sold less yet still sold 1.8 million

and i expect ps3's q2 numbers to be much much better along with strong numbers from ms with xbox360

why can't people accept the fact both consoles are doing quite well and both will have some great games come fall 2011 exclusive and 3rd party wise?

2575d ago
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GodHandDee2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

At the time sony was still within the first year of its price cut and was riding that wave of demand so the hardware sales numbers are not surprising. Even then they managed to ship more than MS (which is not an insult, both were very close and did well), this is while facing the PSN hack situation too if I'm not mistaken

I wish the article would also highlight the positive aspects of the financials more as well, maybe include them in the headline itself, such as huge numbers shown for psp and ps2 in addition to great growth in software numbers

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disturbing_flame2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

1.4 millions for PS2. That's amazing.

With the approach of the September i think Sony is in a bad posture at the moment against Microsoft.
Kinect + Star Wars
Gears of War 3
Halo HD
These three games gonna rules the american market and gonna push forward 360 sales in the US.
Forza 4 release gonna push 360 hardware in Europe.

If Sony wants to do a great move, they have to announce a price cut at the gamescom this year to push forward playstation 3.

More than that japan economy was not so great after the earthquake, and the problem with the PSN affected also the image of Sony this year, but they are still doing great job considering those major crisis they went through. They prove they are reactive, and still the PS3 is doing great worldwide even if those numbers tends to prove the opposite.

Playstation Vita is also coming soon. It can be a new way to highlight the playstation blend and maybe give a new way to use both PS3 and PSvita together. Wait 'n'see.

chasedagreat2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

most of those games are trash

disturbing_flame2576d ago

I'm not talking about the quality of them, i havn't played them, you did not too.
Anyway the quality isn't the point here.

I'm just talking about their reception on the market.
Gears 3 is already over 1 million pre-orders, and can push hardware with its special edition bundled with the red 360.

Halo has always been doing great on the US market, the fanboy base is huge when you see how much people just bought ODST (that i consider as a really average game) you know Halo HD is going to do good scores too.

Star wars bundled with Kinect. Star Wars is famous and on Black Friday its like a gift everyone could do, bundled with Kinect wich is doing great in sales, it can push forward hardware. The bundle can be a choice for a present at Christmas too, very oriented kids friendly (no it's not dirty).

Forza 4 can do great scores in Europe, people are more car simulation friendly here (GT5 has its best scores in terms of selling in Europe) it can push forward 360.

More than that you have also COD that is releasing on November and that is always doing better on 360. Microsoft has also securized a time exclusive on DLC map pack so sales gonna be huge on 360.

PS3 has also great games.
Resistance 3 looks like a great FPS, with a great ambiance. The game is releasing in two months now and it seems that the PS3 community is not responding to it by a great support in terms of preorders. It's sad. It seems that it's doing less than 100000 preorders for the moment.

Uncharted 3 is considered as the GOTY by gametrailers. If Naughty Dog is going far beyond the awesomeness of uncharted 2 it can really push forward PS3 worldwide, for the moment preorders are not so great but it can move with time.

There are also great games like Disgaea 4 or ICO compilation HD releasing. But i think these games are more confidential and are not going to push forward hardware.

That's the reason i think gamesccom can be a key moment in the year of Sony. They announced playstation slim at Gamescom so they can do a new announcement this year.
The end of the year gonna sse the two systems going huge anyway, but it seems that Microsoft have put all its bullets for the holidays and christmas time.

Cmpunk2576d ago

what the hell are you talking about

right now halo ce pre orders are 55 thousand thats low even for halo and forza is 53 thousand plus forza sells more in usa then europe so please dont make that nonsence up

DaTruth2575d ago

I still don't understand how games on their 3rd and 4th iteration this gen are gonna move hardware; are they gonna replace the RRODed console now that these games are out?

How are you gonna miss 2 GeoW, 3 Forza's and 3 Halo's, but now suddenly decide to pick up a 360 for these new games?

Don't mean to offend anyone with the RROD mention, but I just can't think of another reason!

aviator1892575d ago

@ Cmpunk
So, I assume you're getting your pre-order data from vgchartz??
You should know that the website is not good with pre-orders data. They usually stealth-edit frequently.

ASSASSYN 36o2575d ago

@aviatior Then give him a credible website besides vgchartz. If you can't then STFU.

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EVILDEAD3602575d ago

Actually..really good post by disturbing flame..+ bubbz

You nailed a big part of that post. In regards to Microsofts software..Gears will do a phenomenal first weekend in the fall and easily take number one for September and rank pretty high for October. Forza does not sell as high right out of the gate. But this time could be different if Microsoft actually pushes the casual side of the game, the Kinect features w/ Autovista and Arcade driving. Either way the battlefield numbers are going to rule the day. Believe me, when Halo Anniversary gets closer to launch it will be fine in it's own regard. But, MW3 is going to dominate November in a big way.

What will be interesting is what happens when Uncharted 3 is finally out there in a month with MW3? Will enough PS3 users finally push the game to new heights or will MW3 destroy records of past games and eclipse everything in it's path for the system. This by far is the most competitive holiday in ANY gen. There are literally all big movers and shakers littering the entire fall and winter line-up.

Life is good..