Frostbite allows NFS The Run to look stunning, says dev

EA Black Box, the Canada-based developer behind Need For Speed: The Run, has said that Frostbite 2 is not only the best engine it has used in a game to date, but 'the most versatile', too.

Asked by if Frostbite 2 was the best engine it had ever used, Jason Delong, executive producer at EA Black Box said: "Absolutely. It's by far the most versatile engine - it gives us so much that we expected, but also so much that we didn't expect, which was a really nice thing."

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mrmancs2576d ago

looks like a movie! cool

BakedGoods2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Looks like EA's got an interesting strategy here. Develop an in-house engine, save money on licensing costs to Epic, meanwhile being the exclusive provider of 'frostbite-powered' games. Them leading on the PS3 is the cherry on top.

As for gamers, it's all win.

Voxelman2576d ago

They are leading on PC now.