From Ninja To Viking: Tomonobu Itagaki Speaks

Gamasutra: "Itagaki has long been an outspoken critic of both the works of other developers and the industry at large. Fair enough, because he also seems content to follow his own path rather than worrying about what other developers do. He didn't even seem too interested in worrying about the legacy of the Ninja Gaiden franchise on the NES when he relaunched the series, preferring to go his own route with the IP -- and still meeting with success.

So confident was he that he didn't show his game at E3, and instead simply handed THQ a bizarre video that starred notorious Japanese comedian Hard Gay -- on a visit to the Valhalla Game Studios offices.

Gamasutra got a chance to speak to Itagaki at the show, and queried him about his move to work with a Western publisher, his thoughts on the high profile talent defections from other Japanese publishers, and discussed what his goal is for his game."

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SKUD2552d ago

I have no idea why but I thought that was Howard Stern in that pic. W NNNNNNNNNN BC. LOL

Pozzle2552d ago

NGL, I really like Itagaki. Yeah, he's controversial and says what he thinks (usually in a horribly blunt way). But I like that about him.
At least he's always interesting! :O


Isn't that the same interview he gave for Gamasutra at E3? Much of it is exactly the same lines... Odd.

SuperSaiyan42552d ago

Kinda suprised PS3 has been put as a tag because Itagaki-san prefers the Xbox 360 he himself has said that on a few occassions even drawing the X logo in the air with his hand.

So I will be very suprised if he allows this game of his to go multiplatform, if I were him I would make it for both consoles as being a new development team he would definently need the money even though he has teamed up with a horrible company such as THQ.

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