Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Zabuza vs Naruto Gameplay Video

The first gameplay video of the demon Zabuza has been released.

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tayz2403d ago

this brought a tear to my eye. bravo!

xtremexx2403d ago

im confused, i love naruto but i dont get why everyone wants zabuza so much.

rabidpancakeburglar2403d ago

Because he and Haku didn't feature I UNS1, which is a travesty because he is the first proper fight for Naruto.

Optical_Matrix2403d ago

What Rapid said. How CC2 managed to leave out such an important arc from the first Storm game is beyond my level of understanding. It's such a key arc in the development of Team 7 and establishes the world of Naruto so well. So glad to see it immortalised in the best anime game engine on the market

RedDead2403d ago

All I saw in this vid was an alternate costume for Suiguitsu

crxss2403d ago

@reddeaddestroyer ya his air combo animation seemed familiar, but then I saw his grab move... 100% identical. still extremely hyped for this game.

x5exotic2403d ago

it's the only good arc up until Kakuzu's arc in shippuden

yea i said it people whatever f** yew

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Mystickay862403d ago

Wow, and they even added that bridge stage. I'm sold if they make the 1st and 2nd Hokage playable.

Major_kenny2403d ago

I believe the first hokage might be playable, but I doubt the second will

Goeres2403d ago

Dear lord, it looks like a skin for Suigetsu.

?? lol

El-Fenemeno12132403d ago

it truly is a shame lol seriously same grab as well x_x

midgard2272403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

looks the same, meh, enjoy u naruto fans, enjoy :P, but as a person who doesnt like naruto and tried playing UNS 1 and 2 as a normal fighter its very shallow, i guess its meant for fan service

and the fact that they reused the attack animations for zabuza from another character proves that this game is shallow.

Michael-Jackson2403d ago

So he's a clone of Suigetsu and Naruto will play the same, I'm not impressed.

So this is a quick cash in afterall.

x5exotic2402d ago

Naruto itself is all a quick cash-in, even non-filler-s*** >.<