100,000 Strong for Bringing Back MegaMan Legends 3

As you may know, MegaMan Legends 3 has been cancelled. That isn’t going to stop fans trying to convince Capcom that they made the wrong decision. If you’re one of the many people who disagree, please join the 17,000+ in showing your support. Continue after the jump to find out how you can get involved.

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billyboi1222370d ago

It's a shame to see a potentially awesome game go to waste. I will do my part and like the page.

Lyr1c2370d ago

Who disagreed with you?

Someone is actually in support of canceling a beloved franchise?

tiffac2370d ago

This is N4G where even asking a question will get you a disagree. lol!

StbI9902370d ago

No plus button, no go.

jacksheen00002370d ago

I m just curios how all this is going to play out...cause Capcom is stubborn as hell.

vglulz2370d ago

Agreed. It's going to take a freakin' shitstorm to get them to change their minds. Who knows if that will ever happen.

SKUD2370d ago

I know it's hard to accept it but it's for the better. Just remember the good times. Keep them close to your heart. No more bad dreams.

Lyr1c2370d ago

For the better?

How does anyone benefit from Megaman being wiped from the face of gaming?

SKUD2370d ago

No one said burn everything. Any good versions of the series will still be left for those who seek to discover. It's time move on and dedicate more time to creating new games. Not more of the same old disappointments. Some people just like to waste time I guess.

Muletroid2370d ago

how is legends more of the same old disappointments there have only been 2 games in the series

it may have not been the best selling but for megaman it was and still is something completely new and different and now that its cancelled there are no more megaman games being made at all

i wont bother with petitions though capcom wont listen

Marceles2370d ago

Good versions of the series? You do know this would be only the 3rd Legends game and these games aren't anything like the 2D side scrolling ones right? This game is just begging to be released this gen, now is the perfect time for a new Legends game.

admiralvic2370d ago

I'm going to laugh when people get Rockman Dash 3 and then trash/bitch about how bad it is.

KillerPwned2370d ago

Sad thing is this will probably not do anything but i already joined awhile ago so it wont hurt to try.

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