Why Dinosaur Games Are Doomed

1UP: By and large, dinosaurs games suck. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Every three year old knows dinosaurs are the coolest things ever to walk the planet. Games revolving around them should, by extension, be just as cool. And yet, in most every case where the two are mated, the results are less "Jurassic Park" and more "Carnosaur."

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Ramas2500d ago

If Capcom make Dino crisis new game or even old with HD and it wount suck.

limewax2500d ago

I actually think a Dino game would make a great title for an FPS crowded gen. Maybe not Dino Crisis even though they are great, but something different.

Think Amnesia the dark descent. That style of survival horror but in a dino game, No weapons. Just stealth, cunning and fast feet. Open world island with day night cycle. Survive until help arrives (ala dead rising lol) and play your way, hide and survive or solve the mystery.

That would be a dino game I would buy day one personally, I know its a like a mix of many different games, But I think it would feel 100% unique due to the style of play

Pozzle2499d ago

A new Dino Crisis would make me so ridiculously happy.

Just imagine being chased down a narrow corridor by a T-Rex in HD graphics. Or being cornered by a group of velociraptors in HD graphics. *sigh* If only...

CrimsonEngage2500d ago

I'm pretty sure Turok was an awesome game.

CaptainSheep2500d ago

Yeah, I my friend got Turok from his... cousin-in-law... or whatever.. cousin's husband... He came to my house and showed to me. It looked pretty neat. xD

Laypoof2500d ago

The last good dinosaur game was Turok 2 on N64, and even that wasn't fully dinosaurish...

Bonobo123452500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Yeah Turok 1 and 2 were great games, Turok 2 was the most bloody and violent game I played in my youth and both had the best set of weapons ever

The new Turok was cool, but it didn't manage to keep the Turok essence.

stu8882500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

PS1 did great dinos. Dino Crisis 2 was my fav game on the system. Even Tomb Raider did the T-rex just perfect... and tomb raider 2 and 3 - there was actually 2 T-rexs on the first level of TR 2! Its a pity you dont really get those secrets these days!

But its all zombies these days. Thinking about it there haven't been any decent dino cames since 2 gens ago. I had turok this gen but it wasn't great. It did dinos pretty well though.

With all the tech these days I'm really annoyed there haven't been more dino games. I mean imagine Just Cause 2s island infested with dinos! I can't believe there isn't an open world game with dinos. Please someone make one!

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