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VGW: The line between perceived value in the retail and downloadable space continues to blur. By the numbers, Bastion has no right being an inexpensive digital release. 10 hours of gameplay, an arsenal of 10 weapons and 15 unique special moves. An ingenious adaptation of the Halo skulls, resulting in a broad, customizable difficulty scale, and a New Game+ mode which increases the already-high replay value. A stirring soundtrack and more than 3000 lines of perfectly delivered dynamic narration. 20+ levels of imaginative, painterly environments. Granted, none of those numbers matter without an engaging, immersive experience, and an inspired fiction that makes a permanent imprint on your memory. Fortunately, Bastion boasts all of this and despite its downloadable status, is an easy candidate for game of the year. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

It’s actually a struggle to review Bastion without sounding like an enthusiastic, over-caffeinated PR intern writing marketing copy. But it’s an equal struggle to find fault with SuperGiant’s debut game.

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