New PixelJunk Shooter 2 Online Battle Stage Inbound

There was a new bulletin in-game stating that there is a new map in town and it is called “Blocked”. From the name it sounds like it is another stage with the falling blocks you encounter when using the Hungry Suit.

In addition to the new level announcement, Q-Games staff will be playing online this weekend (Friday 7pm Pacific). So go download the demo if you haven’t already and try this game out.

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lashes2ashes2686d ago

a lot of people. it just got a huge price cut.

n4gisatroll2685d ago

I tried the online when it first came out and I was waiting a long time to get online, I eventually got all the trophies, then stopped playing, because the online wasn't that exciting waiting to find a match :/

JoGam2686d ago

I got and can never find a online game. I would LOVE to try online. Never did yet.