A Game Of Thrones Genesis Preview: writes "A Game of Thrones – Genesis”, the new strategy game developed for PC by Cyanide, today unveiled new exclusive screenshots! These 4 images will be the perfect opportunity to discover more about the video game adaptation of the great saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin: the Targaryen army during a siege, the brothers from the Night’s Watch on patrol near Castle Black or the Tyrell forces leaving Highgarden for a long campaign. In the meantime, a King has sat upon the Iron Throne and is preparing for his future wars and conquests"

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Lucreto2712d ago

I like RTS games and one based of Game of Thrones interests me.

BoneIdle2712d ago

yea can't wait for this one hope its good

Ares842712d ago

ahh God damn it! I want this on PS3 since I don't like to game on PC that much.

Game of Thrones is awesome! Can't wait for the second season.

franwex2712d ago

Just got A Dance with Dragons! I hope this is good!