Post E3 2011: An Interview on Torchlight II with Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer

LoreHound: In the wake of E3 2011, we were aching to learn more about the upcoming Torchlight II. And luckily for us, Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer was willing to take some time out of his day to answer a few of our questions. Read on for some great insight into a game that we’re looking forward to seeing later this year.

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Solid_Dave2473d ago

Dear God let there be more classes!

Solid_Dave2473d ago

Oh and I love how they tell you the three classes; archer, melee, tank, then say the fourth will be revealed at a later time. Oh God its a big mystery! lol, its obviously a spellcaster.

ATiElite2473d ago

they might surprise you...

could be a waiter or a valet driver. you never know!

NeoTribe2473d ago

just got torchlight recently off steam for 2.99. Great game, lonely without online.