Ghost Recon has to "find its place" in a "post-CoD world" - Ubisoft

OXM UK: "But Future Soldier is "more true" to original GR than Advanced Warfighter in key respects."

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NeptuneMerc2664d ago

It's like a rainbow six/Splinter cell hybrid. All their games are becoming one big hybrid, Assassins creed is the biggest offender out of all their key franchises. Why do you think the Splinter cell team moved from montreal to toronto? To relocate and get away from that shadow that was put on them by Assassins creed. Ubi screwed over the SC series and it's becoming a recurring trend in their games.

Mark and execute was taken directly from Conviction and put into Future soldier, even with the text being displayed and overlaying everything just like how it is in Conviction. You cant be true to the original formula if you pull crap like that.

I'm not fond of this new ghost recon at all. It looks like one big clichéd 'dudebro' fest mashed up with features that were borrowed from other games.

Franchises are losing their identity. It's up to developers to seek originality and stop dick riding the latest trends and focus on something that will push the industry forward not hold it back, aka, Call of Duty - same shit, different year.

evrfighter2664d ago

why not go back to what made it great in the first place.

The pc gamers

red2tango2664d ago

sorry but splinter cell is way more comfortable on a controller. There's too many buttons that have too many functions compared to other PC games. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on Xbox was fantastic.

bumnut2663d ago

Agreed, it all turned to shit when GRAW was released.

admiralthrawn872664d ago

thanks COD for making all shooters dumb as hell now

user83971442664d ago

Companies see the money COD makes and they want some of it too.