Super Smash Bros Melee Wins

One man's case as to why the Super Smash Bros series towers over other fighting games, and why Melee is the best game in the series.

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2fk2636d ago

for competitive yes; it was more technical with the wave dashing and etc....but like brawl better

tunaks12635d ago

both are good games, but Brawl+ beats both :D

nopunctuation2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Smash Bros Brawl could have been great, but it messed with the perfect controls that Melee has. The controls in Brawl were much slower and sluggish while Melee has very tight, fast, responsive, and accurate controls. I dont know what moron decided to mess with such perfection but it ruined what could have been a titanic sequel to a titanic game. Not to mention the removal of mewtwo for lucario and the lack of a dark samus (zero suit samus is just awful ruined the character roster. Snake and ROB were too alow and useless to serious play. Sonic was the beacon of light in the roster but one good character doesnt make up for a pretty weak list of choices. Melee is one of the few games taht really got everything right and all Brawl needed was a graphical upgrade and some good characters, but instead we got a control screw up and an underwhelming set of new characters. Brawl is easily the worst of the 3 Smash bros games.

Spenok2634d ago

I couldn't agree more. While not a bad game, just not a good fighting game. It should have been so much more.

tigertron2635d ago

I spent many hours on Melee, its one of the best games of last gen.

Redempteur2635d ago

i understand people prefer melee to brawl

i think both are impressive but different. i prefer brawl anyway

Titanz2635d ago

But that doesn't mean it's better.In the long run, Smash Bros. Brawl sold 10 million+ units.

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