Vivid Gamer: Catherine Live Demo Impressions

Elizabeth Burnette writes, "About a week ago, we informed you that Atlus was holding a live demonstration of their upcoming title Catherine on Wednesday, June 28. Rebecca and I were able to join in to see if we could get some of questions answered during the demo last night. I’ve summarized the demo itself, along with any facts we were able to get as we watched Atlus PR Aram Jabbari show off the first hour of the game, along with the never before seen multiplayer mode."

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theherp802640d ago

had no idea it was this kind of game. Always thought it was an adventure type game....this game looks so strange.

rrquinta2640d ago

Lol, that's Atlus for you.

rezzah2640d ago

Don't think of them as the creators as all they did was publish the game. Not create it.

Also I believe through Atlus can it be available over sea, not the developers choice.

rrquinta2640d ago

Have to say, finally getting to really see the game in action made me want it even more. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the story plays out, even if Vince is a bit clueless.

admiralvic2640d ago

Vince being clueless is the hook for me. I enjoy knowing its possible to get neither girl in the end.

TheLiztress2640d ago

I'm eager for Catherine. I think the puzzle nature is a nice departure from the RPGs that Atlus normally publishes.