Call of Duty 4 Contest (Ripten), in partnership with Infinity Ward and Activision, is giving away a grand prize of a new PS3/360, $500 best buy gift card, Call of Duty 4 video game, and signed COD4 art by the talented team of designers and developers at Infinity Ward. Other prizes include COD4 swag and additional games across multiple platforms. Ends 11/10/07.

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Nostradavis3526d ago

contest has officially started.

Violater3526d ago

the contest for the swag or the contest to see which version looks better?

techie3526d ago

lol. I know which version looks better...

Nostradavis3526d ago


and which version would THAT be...? haha

techie3526d ago






Personal Compooter

Nostradavis3526d ago


The PC version will be great, but the 360 version I saw at E3 was pretty sweet as well.

Nostradavis3526d ago

@ Violator,

Which version will you be looking to get?

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techie3526d ago

Hmm...could do with a free copy. Me likey SWAG...and I can ebay the console :P

Nostradavis3526d ago


A shrewd business man in the making. haha.

techie3526d ago

Indeed. Well tbh...COD4 isn't on my list of things to buy. Too many games coming out. So if i can get a console with it...why not ;)

Nostradavis3526d ago


Seems like we are the only two interested in winning free stuff! haha.

DarthMacgyver3526d ago

I normally don't enter these things, but this one looks pretty good, I'm there.

Nostradavis3526d ago

you don't have to enter...jut makes everyone else's chances that much better.

Cutter203526d ago

Looks good, but isn't $500 at Best Buy enough to pick up a 360 with some change left over for more games? Interesting contest.

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