Head2Head: F.E.A.R. 3 Screenshot Comparison (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "This week we scare our way into Day 1 Studio's FEAR 3 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. FEAR 3 is using a heavily modified version of the Despair Engine - the same engine used for Fracture. Now come join us to see which version is looking to come out the soul survivor of this horrific nightmare"

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RudeSole Devil2553d ago

Wow PS3 not looking too hot.

OtherWhiteMeat2553d ago

Like I'm going to take the advice from someone with one bubble.

Zynga2553d ago

The only difference between the two is one is too dark and the other is bright.

xPhearR3dx2553d ago

No the PS3 has tons of missing shadows. Similar to how L.A. Noire was on 360. Other than that, they do look the same though.

Bereaver2553d ago

I would have to say you're wrong. The ps3 version is indeed missing shadows. Look around the body of the guy on the ground.

sobekflakmonkey2553d ago

yeah...uhh I'm a pretty big PS3 fanboy, you can check a lot of my posts on here to confirm that too if you wanted, but I gotta say the 360 version looks way better, the PS3 version is way too bright and missing a whole bunch of shadows, it's also missing a heck of a lot of details on the ground in the sewer pictures and certain other pictures.

Oh, and to be honest, I have NEVER EVER heard of a horror game that is "Too Dark" mainly because horror gamers are supposed to be dark, and have shadows and such, said PS3 version doesn't seem to have that's not saying anything about the PS3, cause we all know what it's capable of, it just says a lot about the studio that made this game..

Blacktric2553d ago

There is literally no "noticeable" difference besides the simple lightning ones. Like PS3 version have blue lightning coming out of the bluetooth headset that the character's holding while Xbox 360 version doesn't.

joydestroy2553d ago

well, to be fair, if you really care about graphics on any multiplat game, you'd be better off with a PC version unless it's a console port. even then, sometimes it ends up better than the console counterparts.

ProjectVulcan2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I'll be honest, i would have preferred if this had used the Lithtech Jupiter EX engine again like the old F.E.A.R games. Unfortunately that engine runs crap on PS3, so particularly for PS3 using Day 1's engine might have benefitted PS3. Have to wait for a further analysis, but the previous despair engine game (fracture) was sub HD on PS3 and 720p on 360. I would hope Day 1 would have worked hard on the PS3 version of their technology.

However i played the previous games on PC, and LJEX held up rather well and performed excellently on even old PC hardware. I can't say i like the look of this new title after enjoying the older games, it does look out of place to me and not quite capturing the feels of the series. Maybe this is also Day 1's doing but i think visually it is the engine.

theonlylolking2553d ago

Lensoftruth never has the right settings for PS3. What contrast, brightness, etc... settings might work for the 360 but not on PS3.

Just beacuse you have one bubble does not mean you should not take advice. I speak my opinion no matter what and if people dont like it then I get marked as trolling.

trancefreak2550d ago

Any one get the pc version or buy this game yet?

Really want to know if it lives up to the first ones standards.

How about the graphics and gameplay is it fluid.

I saw the intro video here on n4g and the players movement looked very static.

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Joe Bomb2553d ago

Thinking about picking this up but I haven't seen many reviews. Looks cool though.

WetN00dle692553d ago

Better shadowing on the 360 OTHER than that its pretty much the same.

Kon2553d ago

Xbox- Too dark
PS3- Too bright

Parapraxis2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Is there a shadow missing on the ps3 version here?

Brightness differences is common, but this looks like some serious shading differences.
The blood & shadows simply look better on 360.
I was planning to rent this either way, so it looks like i'll be firing up my 360 for this one.

trancefreak2550d ago

Is this the same Dev from before? Fear 2 was horrid on the ps3 especially comparing it too killzone 2 which released at the same time. The jaggies were terrible.

The PC version I bought wasn't no graphical bench marker either

Also the controls were tuned for a Xbox 360 l2 and r2 for zoom and shoot which doesn't work for me on the ds3.

And the controls were none customizable which suked.

Probably going to have to rent this one.

peeps2553d ago

The 360 version appears to have better shadows although it's hard to say when all the shots are way to dark. In contrast the ps3 versions way to bright.

I'd honestly be surprised if this comparison wasn't evened out by changing settings on your tv though...

trancefreak2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Ok I just looked at the PC version shots on steam and they look all washed out too.


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