GameZone - Top Five Games That Need a Kick in the Ass - Editorial

GameZone's Lance Liebl gives the top five big games that need a kick in the ass. These are games that are popular and profitable but that needs to do something different in order to remain on top. The list includes Call of Duty Black Ops, Madden, World of Warcraft, Halo Reach, and Grand Theft Auto IV.

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athmaus2559d ago

Very Good read...thanks :)

TheSanchezDavid2559d ago

Definitely agree with all of these. I have yet to even touch GTA IV because it's more of the same, and I kind of want something else from the series.

BiggCMan2559d ago

Actually GTA IV is very different from the previous games. It took a more serious approach this time around, and while it wasn't a bad game by any means, it was nowhere near as good or as fun as the previous titles. This is opinion of course as I know plenty of people who loved it, but I personally don't agree with the sales and praise that it got.

TomFG2559d ago

Good list. I played GTA4 and Halo Reach for a few hours each and, well, meh.

Dart892559d ago

* The game is fueled by a strong, story-driven campaign.

Last time i checked only cod4 had a story this generation the other cod stories are plain out retarded.