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Scott from The Controller Online writes: "It’s been six years since Dungeon Siege 2 and games have changed since then. I remember hearing that Dungeon Siege 3 was moving to consoles and wondering how that would work. The first two entries in the series were top-down hack and slash adventures that played more like a real time strategy game than a Diablo style game. Inventory management was a large part of it. So much so, that you had a mule with you at all times that you could load up with potions to keep you going through a particularly long dungeon. With Dungeon Siege 3 things have changed in a big way, yet it all feels very familiar."

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MrMutz2529d ago

I have just finished this game and whilst the story finishes open ended I hope this will give the games developers a chance to put a few things right. Most striking thing for me was the lack of free roaming (a chance to find your own trail) and fast travel, couple that with an awful camera angle it made this game arkward and whats the point of a character with ranged weapons if you cannot see the mob until it's breathing down your neck?

There is a good game here but it has been let down by silly things, not enough side quests, bosses way to easy to kill and the AI pet makes a great statue!

This game is worth a look but wait to buy the preowned then you will get value for money. If I was a teacher this would be a case of Must try harder, 7/10 a fair if not generous rating.