The Top 7... Loading screens that don't suck quite as hard as loading screens normally do


*Please wait*...

(This intro would have been much better if it had one of these loading screens to fill it)

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Nakiro2528d ago

Okami had a good one, you could actually win stuff.

CommonSense2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

I remember when MGS4 came out there was an article called "We love the MGS loading screen." or something like that. and i never understood why. to me it was basically 5 minutes of snake smoking a cigarette while you got text based health advice. lol.

anyway, i thought for sure it would be on this list. not a bad little article.

i'm torn on the resident evil load screen. i remember for the first hour, it added to the suspense; but when the disc would skip and you couldn't tell if the door was ever gonna open, that drove me nuts!

SpartanZero2528d ago

The best loading screen I've come across is Fable II very fun to read

reddeadite2528d ago

I liked DBZ Budokai's one where you twiddle the analogs to make the little saiyamen pop up (that sounds weird when you say it out loud).

My cousins and I always used to go hard out at that part. It was hilarious.

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