North American Release Window For White Knight Chronicles II Shifts

The Silent Chief: D3 now targeting a September release for Level-5's White Knight Chronicles II.

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Seijoru2405d ago

Pass. Too many delays for this.

FamilyGuy2405d ago

This is crazy, a 3 month wait between versions that are both in English is ridiculous. I wonder what caused them to push its release back further after saying august 2 for so long?

No wonder they didn't say a solid releases date at E3 or on the trailer that came out on the PS Store during E3.

ranma68992405d ago

i betcha sony had something to do with this ,they want import ,so then they make money ,and when wk3 release sony say it didnt sale well in usa we wont release to amaerica and publisher d3 wont except a new one because sony made them delay another month ,who knows d3 might delay till next year because those heavy hitters coming out in sept

WildArmed2404d ago

You'd figure just changing the packaging and adding a ESRB rating wouldn't take so damn long.

Burning_Finger2405d ago

Where is my Dark Cloud 3 Level 5??

rebirthofcaos2405d ago


Spenok2405d ago

LOL this is exactly what i was going to say. Beat me too it.

Allowen2405d ago

I want to play this game but not bettewn september- march(2012).
There are other RPG games I wil put priority over WKC2 :
-Zelda Skyward sword
-Dark Souls
-Elder Scrolls V : Syrim
-Mass Effect 3
-a few RPGs for portables

Baka-akaB2405d ago

You could always import the eu/uk version already out

coryok2405d ago

if we import we can only play on the eu servers... we have to wait to play on us servers. all the work everyone put into their characters on the us servers would get thrown away if we imported

Baka-akaB2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

eu and us are on the same servers ...however no us game+eu account and likewise no us account+eu game ... from what i've read and seen . Not to mention obvious save issues with the uk versione ven being different from the eu one .

So yeah it still blows but it's a solution .

It's that , or waiting or boycotting the game

-X-2405d ago

GOD WHY DID THEY PUSH IT BACK! Did they think it was a good idea? What horrible publishers. Isn't the game already translated in english and out in Europe? I really don't get it.....Someone please give me a reason why they pushed it back because I'm pretty pissed now -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.