Battlefield 3 vs MW3 is “Bourne vs Bond”, says EA boss

BeefJack: "The differences between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are like “Roger Moore’s James Bond versus Jason Bourne”, says EA President Frank Gibeau, and the DICE game’s strengths lay in the fact that “it’s not just a rail shooter” – and that that will be what “sets it apart” from MW3."

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Yi-Long2687d ago

... I sure hope we don't get that shitty shakey-cam crap Paul Greengrass is famous for....


-Superman-2687d ago

Bond is much better than Bourne.
EA failed comparison

Soldierone2687d ago

Shouldn't it be Bourne vs Mission Impossible since the two are always next to each other at every step....

raWfodog2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Roger Moore's James Bond is NOT better than Jason Bourne. If he had said Daniel Craig's Bond then maybe I could see it :)

Don't get me wrong. Roger Moore's Bond was smooth but Bourne was more physical. I enjoy the no-nonsense action adventure of Craig's Bond.

Crazyglues2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


A better comparison title would be if they just tell the truth..

and the truth is - BF3 is a PS4 Game made to run on your PS3, while MW3 is a 2007 Game with a skin pack and some minor tweaks...

That's just the truth.. and I'm sorry if that hurts any of the MW3 fans but this is just the facts.. (it's the same engine from the old Modern Warfare COD4) the same engine they have been using for years, same game engine used in Black Ops

It's just a tweak of that same engine- where as BF3 is built from the ground up on new tech.. No Question about which game is the better made game -Unless you just don't understand how games are made.


tepkisiz2687d ago

EA boss should shut the **** up and stop promoting MW3 as if it is gonna be the best action fps ever!

CNXN2687d ago

Hes being modest... what a basterd eh lol

newn4gguy2687d ago

I assume he means Bourne vs. Classic Bond and not Daniel Craig?

Bourne isn't exactly phenomenal though. Punch two guys...move to the next spot. Rinse. Repeat.


This is more like...well, I was trying to find a better spy movie than the Bourne films. Turns out, everyone absolutely LOVES that trilogy, so this comment is likely invalid. :/

Bourne didn't change a thing. I don't understand why everyone loves it so much. ???

Kee2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Well, I think what he's actually saying is all 3 bourne movies were awesome and the last bond movie (Quantum of solace) was shit. Even though casino royale was awesome. We'll see what the next bond movie (Call of Duty) is like.

EDIT: @youngjuice I was talking about the movies because most people have seen them.

young juice2687d ago

who the heck is talking about bourne movies?

i thought they were talking about the eight bourne novels which are absolutely incredible. much better than the movies or anything bond has pushed out imo.

RedDead2687d ago

I agree^^^Bourne had consistent quality, Bond has it's ups and downs. Rarely ups these days

jdfoster002687d ago

Because he's American that's why. they always longed for a 'Bond' type of film Mission impossible erm was okay but not deep in story Bourne films where great although they where shocking compared to books and Bond still out plays the competition Casino Royale was one of the best FILMS ever from the Birds to the torture scene!!! xD

outwar60102687d ago

both games will probably get my money but i dnt like that analogy

earbus2687d ago

Room for mw3 and bf3,whats next on the fanwar agenda people who bunch toilet paper vs folders do u smear or wipe fight!!!!!

Calm Down Sunshine2687d ago

Fold. My derriere deserves the extra effort after all it does for me.

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