E3 2011 Impressions: Wii U Controller | Nintendo Gal

Nintendo Gal goes hands-on with the mobile part of Nintendo's newest innovation.

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SactoGamer2738d ago

I'm not sold on the Wii U yet. I need more details in its processing power and price point.

TheSoundDefense2738d ago

I'm more worried about the processing power than the price. I can't help but feel that it's going to be somewhat equivalent to current systems, and if that's it then it's just going to be left behind again in a couple of years.

NintendoGal2738d ago

Pretty much, but it seems like Nintendo is grasping for straws in trying to replicate the success of Wii.

D0ffy2738d ago

Agreed, not entirely sold, but I sure am interested. I would love to see this console turning into something great.

teedogg802737d ago

Yeah, I wonder how much an extra controller will cost?

Fierce Musashi2738d ago

Honestly, why do people have this strong fixation on what's under the hood of this thing? Some developers said it's going to have 50% more processing power compared to the PS360, according to some analyst who spoke with them. So what's the problem?

TheSoundDefense2737d ago

Because if the PS4 and Xbox 720 turn out to be way more powerful than the Wii U, then it's behind all over again.

Fierce Musashi2737d ago

And..... I'm still failing to find the problem here.

Titanz2737d ago

I could less about the hardware inside the Wii U.I bought a Nintendo Wii because it allowed me to play games in a different way, and I really enjoy Nintendo's exclusives.

I'm sure developers will include other methods of control for their titles(Wii-mote & Nunchuk, CC pro), so you don't need to worry.

Stealth20k2737d ago

amother positive playthrough............what a suprise.......



they should've just called it the "SUPER SUPER NINTENDO."