Yes, You Can Have a Unicorn

The chance you’ve been waiting for is finally here! You can now raise your own unicorn, along with four other mystical steeds. The best part is, thanks to today’s STEAM deal, you can get Secret of the Magic Crystals for 50% off.

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pungello19882744d ago

Who doesn't love unicorns? 50% off is never bad

gaffyh2744d ago

You know what's better, 100% off.

rmoar2744d ago

Finally! I mean, what, unicorns? Who likes those...

mastiffchild2744d ago

I had one. All it did was act arrogant, upset the "normal" horses and crap everywhere(and ven THAT was useless for my roses)and go about showing it's sodding horn like horns were something AMAZING. How we laughed when the chance came to buy a couple of Pegasus enabled chargers and they put "Dave"(was too up himself to tell us his real name-either that or he couldn't even speak-pah!)to total shame,mingling with the local mares and giving me and the kids lifts to the post office every morning and often offering to do the school run if I was caught up playing a nice RPG.

Take a Pegasus over a bloody Unicorn EVERYDAY of your eternal life-a horse with working wings and no attitude issues beats an arrogant bugger with a dildo on it's nose EVERY time for my mythical money. That said, I have heard powdered Unihorn gives you one hell of a boner.

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The story is too old to be commented.