Bethesda Gets Hacked

Bethesda: "Over the past weekend, a hacker group attempted an unlawful intrusion of our websites to gain access to data. We believe we have taken appropriate action to protect our data against these attacks. While no personal financial information or credit card data was obtained, the hackers may have gained access to some user names, email addresses, and/or passwords. As a precaution, we recommend that all our fans immediately change passwords on all our sites — including our community forums and the statistics site we maintain for Brink players."

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omi25p2654d ago

This is getting ridiculous.

extermin8or2654d ago

It's a joke you'd think they'd have caught at least some of this group now I mean THEY WERE TWEETING ON TWITTER WHILST THEY DID IT FOR GODS SAKE, how hard can it be to at least get Ip info off of twitter...

yess2654d ago

I am starting to think it's someone who have some security options for sale.
Like anti virus and stuff...

sikbeta2654d ago

What a bunch of @ssholes! where are those dudes in this site that defend those losers hackers, now? remeber what they said "they're doing it for us, the gamers" give me a break, those hackers only care about themselves and their major attention-wh*re issues...

fullymoated2654d ago

As a consolation, Bethesda has shown how to properly keep users in the loop about their credit card info in a timely fashion.

snaz272654d ago

yess... You're on the right track, i believe it's actually more sinister than that! The governments of the world do not like the internet! The free flow of information is not something they want! Because then people get informed! And that's definately not what they want!... They've already stopped some youtube vids in certain countries... But soon there will be a war on cyber terrorists! And they'll protect us by restricting and regulating the websites! Just you wait and see!

jimineyscrickets2654d ago

I'm sad to hear about this. I'm a big Bethesda fan. Theses hackers are making the world worse for those who enjoy video games.

mastiffchild2654d ago

@snaz27-been sayig the same, damn thing. the US, UK and even more draconian regimes, even more power and money hungry nations governments will be watching all this while rubbing their mucky hands as these idiots who cover their play time by saying they're "pro freedom" edge us ever closer to having to register EVERYTHING we do online via official sites etc. We will end up with authorities having the excuse they always wanted to monitor EVERY last message, text, chat and email we make-and all because these idiots want to wank their egos.

You can tell by their targets recently how little they (hackers)care about the world. Sony might not be angels and Bethesda DO make us pay for the chance to do their QA every time they release a game but how is hacking these companies rather than going after true evil like bigots, racists and bad, illegitimate regimes helping anyone/thing than their own selfish agendas? No priorities at all and they WILL be the ones who bring authority crashing down on all us innocent PC users and gamers.

DaTruth2654d ago

Soon it will be back to the good ol' days when we were forced to believe everything we hear on the mainstream news!

I know a few people who spend very little time on the internet and they just basically believe every bit of propaganda they hear from the mainstream media! They still think there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and USA is benevolent and somehow became the richest country on Earth by being nice to everyone!

BeOneWithTheGun2654d ago

If they so much as TOUCH the Skyrim data and delay the game I will hunt them down and kill them.

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S_C2654d ago

@ omi25p

Agreed, i wish these hackers would take a very long walk of a very short cliff

gamingdroid2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

You guys do know that the common theme for the latest string of breaches occur on PHP based websites. They are the most prone to web security because of the language design and the obscurity of their inconsistent API.

Anyone that uses PHP is really asking for trouble unless you are [email protected] good at PHP, but even then....

Ocelot5252654d ago

fb uses php

personally I always program in ASP.NET

Gawdl3y2654d ago

PHP itself, when used properly, is pretty damned secure. Now, if you have some idiot who turns magic quotes on and relies on that for data sanitising, then that's asking for trouble.

Don't blame it on the language, blame it on the idiots that don't know how to properly sanitise data before putting it in a database or outputting it.

If you had said ColdFusion though, I'd agree with you wholeheartedly. ColdFusion is a dumb language in the first place, but combine it with the fact that most of the people that use it are beginner/intermediate programmers (it looks like HTML! Awesome!), and you get one hell of a security hole.

gamingdroid2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

PHP itself is pretty insecure and is a nightmare to maintain. If you are Facebook, sure you can get a secure site... Almost anyone would with that kind of resources.

A well designed language, allows beginners to write secure code by default and advanced users flexibility. PHP by default allows beginners to write poor code. Even great PHP programmers won't know every in's and out's of PHP to write secure code. That is not even touching the library issues.

Now if you are using a framework, it might shield you from that, but PHP is a nasty and very insecure language.

I won't speak for CFML as I don't have any experience maintaining sites, just building them, but the server is built on Java. If you have any issues there it might be the programmers and the design of the language.

ASP .NET like Java is pretty solid as a framework and C# is excellent, but I don't know about the web server IIS.

Personally, I recently started using Django/Python. Python's decent, but Django makes it one of the best frameworks I dealt with.

badz1492654d ago

when will all these ridiculousness end? hackers are officially declaring a digital war/terrorism and I think governments should start taking actions and taking them seriously now! this is no joke, this is WAR!

HSx92654d ago

yeah governments will begin censoring the internet SMART IDEA!

badz1492654d ago

you don't think they are monitoring the internet already?

HSx92654d ago


I don't understand how Monitoring and Censoring is the same idea, idiot.

cjflora2654d ago

Ready the nukes. The pentagon considers this an attack now.

BrianC62342654d ago

I guess at least this might force the world to see the truth. The Internet is a mess. Nothing on it is safe and everything is getting put on it. Most companies that get hacked never say they were hacked. We need to look at more security for the Internet. Better programming. And for sure new worldwide laws to go after hackers. The current system is a joke. Most countries don't give a crap about arresting hackers. The FBI can't even do their job if the hacker is outside the US.

badz1492654d ago

calling me an idiot while you being the clueless one here! there's no need for censoring at all! nothing was censored recently but 35 hackers were caught, right? all I am saying was, they should be more vigilant to scare these low life off! idiot!

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zeal0us2654d ago

These hackers won't find any allies in the gaming community.

won't be long b4 every major gaming site is hacked

MWong2654d ago

It's getting INSANE. PSN, SOE, SquareEnix and now Bethesda.

Breadisgood2654d ago

...and Codemasters and Epic Games forums.

MRHARDON2654d ago

Dont forget Nintendo :D

g0green2654d ago

there doing it for us, the gamers. dont you guys see?!?

Mr Patriot2654d ago

yup i can see it pretty clearly :)

PS3pwnz2654d ago

Something big is going down. What if game companies and such are simply "practice" for a much larger assault. It's actually scary if you really think about it. Everything has a reason, and if you hack a sweet company like Bethesda, especially after the PSN outage, you better have a pretty good reason.
I'm sorry for Bethesda. <: (

BrianC62342654d ago

"As a consolation, Bethesda has shown how to properly keep users in the loop about their credit card info in a timely fashion. "

This isn't true if you believe what LulzSec says about it. They say they hacked them two months agol Here's their tweet.

"Bethesda, we broke into your site over two months ago. We've had all of your Brink users for weeks. Please fix your junk, thanks! ^_^"

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WhiteLightning2654d ago

I don't get it they knew Lulzsec was coming for them why didn't they prepare. Not like Sony which was completly un expected.

BeastlyRig2654d ago

Everyone must think it won't happen to them!

Gordo7892654d ago

I hear there are no safe networks.

Ducky2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )


LulzSec announced it after the attack.
The blog is kind of late.

Ducky2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

^ Yea, they weren't announcing a new attack, rather, the attack was already more or less complete.

WhiteLightning2654d ago


look at what the Twitter post says

"Big lulz coming up in the near future"

"Near Future"

He didn't say

"Big lulz were hacking Bethesda right now"

BrianC62342654d ago

This hack happened two months ago. Sony let everyone know pretty fast compared to most companies. I bet Bethesda even knew they were hacked but said nothing. They all seem to keep it quiet and hope nobody notices.

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Dlacy13g2654d ago

I still say attacking a broken game that is getting little play makes no sense. Bethesda... I implore you look elsewhere, my guess is Brink is a distraction tactic.

b163o12654d ago

Never thought of that angle. It would kill me if they got to Skyrim and found a way to delayed it......

KwietStorm2654d ago

How exactly would they do that?

b163o12654d ago

IDK. How do they get into anything they want to? I don't know the technical aspect of it, but it seems as if they can get into anything. They've hacked the FBI for christ sake.

Der_Kommandant2654d ago

What a fucking annoyance these virgin hackers are...

FlashXIII2654d ago

I like how you feel the need to refer to them as "virgin hackers". Bit butt hurt aren't we? Guess that's why you only have one bubble.

Ocelot5252654d ago

maybe that's the reason they hack, cuz we show no respect ;)

cjflora2654d ago

Why do the terrorists hate us and bomb us?

"maybe that's the reason they bomb us, cuz we show no respect ;)"

Yea, that makes sense.


Tuxedoassassin2654d ago

This is just, I can´t even spell it, I still didn´t find that word.
I hope somebody will finnaly get these hackers, for hell, next time there will be a fiasco, that a PSN outage will look like a picnic.