Uncharted 3 thins the line between game and movie

TGDaily: When the PS3 was first announced in 2005, Sony promised to make games look and feel more like movies

In 2011, that vision is becoming closer to reality. When the first Uncharted game came out early in the PS3's life cycle, it was heralded as part game, part cinematic experience

The problem, though, was that they were two separate parts. While the story cutscenes were beautiful and the script was written like something you'd find on a Hollywood director's desk, it almost seemed like an interruption when gameplay resumed

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BitbyDeath2746d ago

This script is far better than most hollywood movies.

David O. Russell proved that.

metsgaming2746d ago

so glad they dumped him. They cant possibly pick a director worse than him, its all up from here. The next director will actually use some of the source material...

Therealspy032746d ago

they could have picked uwe boll

MintBerryCrunch2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

if they ever make a movie based on UC3...i know who needs to play katherine marlowe

Rainstorm812746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )


Never pick EWWW Boll for any video game movies.... he has probably single handedly made the most and the worst video game adaptations.

@ mint berry

I dont know who disagreed but Helen Mirren would fit perfectly, she has the exact look.

EliteDave932746d ago

Uncharted 3 really shows that we dont need a PS4 for atleast 3 more years.

coryok2746d ago

uncharted always has a great story accompanied by great gameplay, im really looking forward to U3, gonna be replaying U1 & 2 just before i play U3

TheCampfireSong2746d ago

We don't need a movie for this game, it already plays like one. Plus these directors don't know shit..most of the time.