Kotaku - First Hands On With Nintendo’s New Wii U, the Next-Generation of Play

Kotaku: I played Nintendo's Wii U earlier this week, the exciting successor to the Wii that not only plays a lot like the Wii—now with a new, unique twist—but a console that plays nicely with the Wii controllers and accessories you already have.

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VampiricDragon2747d ago

thq/ea confirmed at least for them its more powerful

And even if it is current gen. Thats not a con.

They seemed to love it and its fun.

Thats the important part.

nickjkl2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

yeah i dont really trust developers words on anything anymore let the games speak

you rmean those reported unconfirmed specs of a system we know nothing about sureeeeee

ill wait for the games doesnt matter how good your hardware is if devs dont want to push it

reason why ps3 multiplatform games dont look like ps3 exclusive games

VampiricDragon2746d ago

@ nickjkl

The also reported specs also would agree.

But like I said thats not important

The console seems to be doing everything right.

Innovation, light and comfortable controller, full BC, external harddrive, bluray sized physical medium ect

waterboy2747d ago

you judge that from a few early showings so sad

limewax2747d ago

Agreed, I mean I wanted to hear about raw power, But the conference made it pretty clear that just a couple months ago this was no more than an idea. This is hardly even a prototype I would imagine given how long they had to get them up and running for E3.

That said, why did we sit and watch wii sports on their new console??

mamotte2747d ago

Yes. A controller with a screen and a console capable of output and process two HD displays and process two classes of inputs has been here for years.

stephmhishot2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I'm just wondering how much its going to certainly seems like it will open some incredible new doors for developers. I just question if this will appeal to the casuals the same way the Wii-Mote did. The Wii-Mote was nice and simple, this might look a little more intimidating to some casual gamers. Plus, a big part of the appeal of the Wii was that anyone could play it. If this thing costs a fairly nice chunk of change, can you see any parent or older sibling letting a young child hold this thing? (Shattered screen = sadness)

chavafx2747d ago

ok im very dispointed by all ms nintendo and sony..
whyis people ecited for a console that should be release in 06 not 2012 and ps3 same same same killzone uncharted resistance ms kinect craap forza gears halo really imsorry but imtired of those games and this gen i need a real next gen console grafix and inovation not just cheap sheet like wii u