Minute by Minute Recap of Sony's E3 Press Conference

"Sony is entering E3 having just recovered from the Playstation Network being wrecked for over a month. How much PS3 focus will we see or will the NGP dominate the discussion. Personally I'm hoping The Last Guardian finally gets a release date. Gameplay Today blogged in real time about what happened."

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vgchica2746d ago

I was watching and the only thing that even caught my attention was Vita. Everything else was lame.

TheLastGuardian20102746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Agreed entirely.

I came for the games. I came in expecting the games that were hotly rumored for so long. I came in expecting, Agent, Adrift, The Last Guardian, Versus, Kojima, New ip from Sony Santica Monica, David Cages 2 new projects...just GAMES in general.

Instead we only got Sly, which is awesome! But seriously, that's it?

I understand the love for Vita. But I hate portable gaming, and move..well I hate motion gaming.

I watched the 2 hour conference expecting some mega tons. Hell, even in the final seconds I thought someone would pull a Jaffe, and announce a new blockbuster exclusive.

Nope..just really dissapointing e3 so far. Don't understand why, but man I'm really sad at this point.

Mr Tretton2746d ago

I think a lot of stuff you mentioned aren't really ready to be shown.

I wish I could scream this to the internet, Rockstar debuts the first gameplay of their games, no one should have expected Agent. Yet, everyone did.

Kojima? What was he gonna do? Konami/Kojima did their press already.

Electroshocked2746d ago

I really wanted to see at least something on Agent.

Deadman_Senji2746d ago

Sony saves their best for TGS. This was expected.

PSV1TA2746d ago

some how psvia got party chat and ps3 didnt

ShyGuy132746d ago

Didn't even think of that 0_o

femshep2746d ago

boring sales.....spoiling uncharted campaign.....not much.....sly cooper and starhawk......crap games......paying off devs cause they don't like motion controls......and the vita with only one good game a diablo ripoff and 2 games already on the psp....and over expensive hardware

i was seriously disappointed with there conference

trancefreak2746d ago

Summed up clearly.

I seriously wonder if a playstation 4 is coming to e3 next year due to the lack of unannounced exclusives.

don't get me wrong sony has a ton of games coming out but I expected more from this e3.

Vita appeared to by the showcase obviously.

jack_burt0n2746d ago

You have semi valid points but it was still the best of the day.

So that is a reflection on this E3 as a whole.

femshep2746d ago

no i actually bits and pieces of everything so far

farcry 3
ghost recon
mass effect
sly cooper
the twisted metal demo was pretty sweet as well

its been a fairly balanced show all in all some disappointments and some awesome stuff....i think all the companies are concentrating to hard on social interactions instead of the games

im still curious as to what nintendo is gonna pull out of there sleeve for there new system and if it will be there "turning point"

i think i was more tired during the sony conference and them being late and talking about sales really didn't help

ThrazN72746d ago

it was ok, the last two they had were so much better nintendo will blow us away tommorow

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