40° Announces 2011 Arcade Token Give-Away announces a massive arcade token give-away in honor of the 2011 E3 Expo™. Tokens will be available for free at the 2011 E3 Expo and on Learn how you can get your hands on these beautifully crafted, custom made arcade tokens. Own a piece of E3 history.

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MultiConsoleGamer2749d ago

In case you're curious, my profile pic is last year's token. Although its not a very good pic. When you see the gold tokens in person they really shine like gold.

MrJonathan2749d ago

If I send you a pm will you send me a token in the mail?

MultiConsoleGamer2749d ago

I'm not actually in charge of the giveaway. I think the mail in campaign begins on the 7th. If you sign up and you don't get something by the end of the summer, shoot me a private message and I'll try to do what I can. Be patient though. It took almost 3 months before all the tokens were mailed last year.

2749d ago