Final Fantasy XXVII to be released in 2027 (Deus Ex: HR)

Kotaku - "Don’t Worry, In Deus Ex’s Dark Future, There is Still Final Fantasy"

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Prcko2634d ago

gonna be epic game!!!

tehpees32634d ago

the world will have ended though

Oldsnake0072634d ago

Will probably release before FFVS13

darthdevidem012634d ago

Will be best game of all time!

Pintheshadows2634d ago

Haha, I knew they said in game advertising but I could be dead by then.

Max_Dissatisfaction2634d ago

I don't see it happening, I definately see delays and lengthy dev times holding it back....*stares over at FFvs xiii* oops there's nothing there to stare at

Saryk2634d ago

I'll be 57 and still playin!

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