E66: Targeted Xbox Patch Packs Pitfalls

A patch sent out targeting users that Microsoft suspected of modifying consoles has started punishing the unsuspecting user that has done nothing in the way of any sort of console modification. This is the what happened to Alex Rubens of as he shares the story of this happening to him and his absurd tale of dealing with Xbox Support.


The post has been updated and will continue to be.
According to users with modified consoles, they aren't affected at all and it is only happening to legitimate users. Videos have been posted of the process and includes comments from Stephen Toulouse, Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement.

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JohnParie2606d ago

Really hope this isn't an ongoing problem from Microsoft. Need to get this squared away quickly.

RedDragan2606d ago

Ofcourse it is. Did you see how many extra sales they got from the first round? The plan is ban most pirate enhanced consoles plus 10% of legitmate consoles.

Vherostar2606d ago

This isn't the first time its happened though whether its actually true or not is another matter.. (he probably does pirate..)

r1sh122606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

When you get certain error codes they are usually right...I mean xbox live does pick up mods after each firmware update. I know a few people who have nodded consoles and they got banned the same way.
Every person with a nodded xbox knows you can't do firmware updates from xbox love you have to waste for custom roms.

These sorts of bans aren't wrong

Ellimem2606d ago

He is a games journalist, I don't see someone like that 'nodding' a console; as you so eloquently put it.

ASSASSYN 36o2606d ago

And why not Ellimem? Is he special because of his chosen profession? Does it some how absolve him from the temptation of a modded console?

And he did mod his console to get that error. He flashed his console with a modded firmware and it bumped heads with the xbox dashboard update. If he reverts to his old flashed firmware his console would brick itself by blowing the internal ceramic fuse. You can't drop the firmware back on an xbox 360 without bricking the console. He apparently knows as much and has not said that was an option.

r1sh122606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Nodding - Was typing on my Tablet didnt notice the spelling mistake..

@Ellimem - He has modded his xbox, either flash the disc drive or dashboard (1 of the 2).
If it was the case that its flagging many consoles as flashed then why hasnt the majority of xbox users been complaining about it?
Its because the only ones who get these errors have mods running.

wizzle522606d ago

Based on the reports of this from 2006 it concerns consoles who have previously had the dvd drives flashed or are currently flashed. The new firmware allegedly resets the dvd drives back to original states but the patch probable picked up on it and banned it.

Bad times, but if your going to pirate or even play legis backups, stay the hell of LIVE

Kon_Artist 2606d ago

Danm that sucks ass, even if this does happen to someone i don't get why they have to pay $100 to send it in, i wouldnt mind paying the shipping so that they can get it fixed and prove to them that its their fault but pay a $100 doesnt make sense

fooltheman2606d ago ShowReplies(1)
anonymous923482606d ago

So funny how one person with a blog has an issue with their Xbox and all of a sudden it's this huge widespread problem.

steve30x2606d ago

He never said it was a huge widespread problem. He said its happening to others , but you blew it completely out of proportion.

Ellimem2606d ago

That "One person with a blog" is a contributing writer amongst 15+ other people.

Vherostar2606d ago

Dirt 3 being poor is a sign from the gods that you shouldnt play dirt 3!
OOH Yeah I went there!
Waits for disagrees :p

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The story is too old to be commented.