Could Darksiders 2 Be The Cover Of The Next GameInformer Issue?

With the recent tweet by Danny Bilson stating that Darksiders 2 news would be coming soon and then his retweet of Andy McNamara talking about the next issue of GameInformer, it only makes us think that could Darksiders 2 be the cover of GameInformers next issue.

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Son_Lee2551d ago

It better be miles better than the first. The Black Throne dungeon completely ruined all the fun I was having with the game.

VersusEM2551d ago

The Black Throne dungeon, what part was that?

Son_Lee2550d ago

The Black Throne dungeon is the last dungeon in the game. The one with the portals and the ridiculously unnecessary puzzles.

Aloren2550d ago

Is it the one where you have to free Azrael, and when you feel like you're FINALLY done with this stupidly long dungeon, there's a cutscene showing you that in fact what you did was only the first of three or four parts ?

YEah, this kinda ruined the fun... also the fact that you have to get all the sword pieces in the end. It felt like a really cheap way to make the game last a little longer.

AntoineDcoolette2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Yeah I did rather dislike the final dungeon.

But OVERALL I'd say the game was fabulous.

xtremexx2550d ago

never really played darksiders, but i might play it since there is going to be a sequel.

xtremexx2550d ago

how? what happened there?

ElementX2550d ago

I loved the first Darksiders. It was like a mature Zelda game.

feelintheflow2550d ago

I loved it as well. Excellent game.

reddeadite2550d ago

I loved the first Darksiders, I thought is was going to be a God of War ripoff, but it turned out to be more like Zelda, but different enough to be it's own game. Can't wait for Darksiders 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.