Used Game Sales Forcing Devs into Multiplayer to Survive, says Dyack

Used games remain a major point of contention for most in the games industry. Publishers practically recoil in revulsion at the very word "used." When GameStop or another retailer re-sells a title, the publisher doesn't get a cent. This is something that's actually forced game makers to consider a different approach out of necessity, argues Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack.

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donniebaseball2552d ago

He's right. It seems like some devs tack on multiplayer in games that don't need it to give it more "value" so gamers won't trade it in.

Prcko2552d ago

Not really,check God of war 3 sales,almost 4 million and only SP game!
Maybe some of them yes,but not all!

MultiConsoleGamer2552d ago

Dyack says a lot of things...