Interview: Justin Richmond Talks "Uncharted 3" and PSN Outages

One of the most anticipated titles here at Complex HQ is coming out this November in Uncharted 3, and we're ready to get our monthly update of what’s going on over at Naughty Dog, the development studio behind the game.

Thankfully, Justin Richmond, Uncharted 3's game director, was happy to oblige us. And while he didn’t give away what’s in store for their grand E3 rollout, we got a full rundown of where the game stands, how it’s going to compete for the hearts and minds of competitive gamers on the PlayStation Network, and—speaking of which—what he thinks about Sony’s disastrous month of outages and hacks. Oh, and we have a possible Uncharted 4 semi-spoiler announcement and who at Naughty Dog does the best Nathan Drake (or, rather, Nolan North) impression. Read on while the reading's still good...

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Uncharted3Goty2672d ago

cant wait for E3 naughty dog will blow us all away with E3 cant wait naughty dog you guys will win Goty for sure.

starchild2671d ago

Yeah, I can't wait for Uncharted 3. It's a really amazing series.

blumatt2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Looks like Uncharted 3 might get GotY again at Spike VGA Awards. That would be crazy. Go Naughty Dog and other First Party Studios!! Yay for First Party Studios. You're very important for pushing the PS3 forward and giving us great games!

telekineticmantis2671d ago

Becuz right now, my GOTY's are between LBP, and possibly witcher 2 and infamous 2.

Philaroni2671d ago


They also have amazing user-generated content and tools with the Forge system

we’ll be launching a new feature called Uncharted TV that will showcase some of the best user-generated content and videos from You Tube, viewable directly in-game

Is it just me or did he just out that U3 will have some kind of forge system. the way he divides Videos and UGC is very interesting.