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IncGamers asks: Why is there so much negativity surrounding Brink?

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Focker4202765d ago

My biggest problem is that it lacks substance. It doesn't really feel complete. Yes I enjoyed parts of it but overall it wasn't what I had expected.

As far as any kind of story there isn't one... at all. The Resistance tries to destroy the Ark and escape, meanwhile the security tries to stop them, and its the same exact thing over 8 or 9 different maps. There really isn't much to it. Plus I beat the entire campaign (both sides) in like 4-5 hours.

I wasn't all that impressed with the game which is unfortunate because I was really looking forward to it. Another problem I had was no party system, in this age of multiplayer gaming you had better have a lobby. What MP game nowadays doesn't have a party system?? Its just ludicrous.

It was a serious let down for me and the graphics weren't even all that good. It just didn't feel complete and it felt like just another run of the mill shooter for me.

JohnnyMann4202765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It's not just reviewers dude, it's users too

Here I will show you
user reviews are 6.5

User Reviews are 7.0

Reader scores are 7.4

So perhaps the author should be asking if he is the one who doesn't get it?

None of my friends that bought Brink are still playing the game.

It isn't because it sucks, according to them, it just lacks so much (level design etc) to make it great.

Plus the graphics are not in line with a AAA title.

Newtype2765d ago

Lol, the game literally sucks. WTF? There is NO storymode.

mandf2765d ago

unreal tournament comes to mind

MsmackyM2765d ago

Books have excellent story modes. Check it out.

MsmackyM2765d ago

It's pretty much the same thing that happened with MAG. Most reviewers and gamers alike had too much ADD to appreciate MAG for what it was. In a time were COD lone wolf style of gameplay is the bench mark, gamers and reviewers can't understand the concept of teamwork in a game.

madjedi2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Biggest difference mag had 3-5 betas, so you knew exactly what you were getting into, that wasn't the case with brink and mag made it crystal clear there is no single player, brink had the illusion of a single player campaign.

If brink had come out @ $40, i am willing to bet it wouldn't be attacked as much as it has.

"In a time were COD lone wolf style of gameplay is the bench mark, gamers and reviewers can't understand the concept of teamwork in a game."

Try that in bfbc2 or mag and see how long you last, try not to generalise all gamers like that.

Quagmire2765d ago

I refuse to read an article with a title which says "Why reviewers don't get Brink"

So many things wrong with it, it'll make an English teacher sick to their stomach.