Tales of Graces F screenshots

Namco Bandai released screenshots of Tales of Graces F.

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maverick402687d ago

pretty bad screenshots to be honest, they could released better ones.

Inception2687d ago

yeah, and the screenshot still had some kanji words. it's like...namco aren't really interested to localize this game -_-

suddenly i got a feeling that Xillia will japan only...

Godmars2902687d ago

Just guessing here, but are those DS screens of a game that's also on the PS3?

Infernostew2687d ago

These are useless. This game has been out for over a year in Japan. Why show us more Japanese screenshots?

Redempteur2687d ago

indeed , namco was slow to start localising and even then , they are slow to release some translated's like they didn't even work on the title before the annoncement.

just_sayin2687d ago

Acording to namco bandai product page and filthierich this games is ps3 exclusive