Killzone 2: Technical Director Interview

The following is an excerpt from the first of a two part interview the Killzone Community Team did with Killzone 2's technical director Michiel van der Leeuw.

"What's your current role within Guerrilla? What are your chief responsibilities?

I am currently Technical Director at Guerrilla. I go around putting my nose into everybody's business – especially if their business has anything to do with workflow, engine features, or new ideas. My main responsibilities include running the eight-man tech team and overseeing the four-man tools team. I also make sure that the engine technology we have is suitable for our game. My team and I mostly deal with the engine side, which includes graphics and sound, as well as the technology used by the other coders to get their work to run properly on PlayStation 3.

In the end, I'm the fall guy if our game gets low grades for frame drops or something like that. If our team delivers a smooth-running, gorgeous-looking product, I avoid getting hurt.

How did you get to be Technical Director on Killzone 2?

I've worked at Guerrilla for a long time. I was the lead programmer on the technology team for stretches of time, and also the lead programmer on the first Killzone title. I was put in charge of the technology team again after that game saw its release, but by then I was hardly programming anymore – my work consisted of planning, liaising with other studios, and making sure everybody was heading in the same direction. So it made more sense to change my title to Technical Director.

When and how did you break into the games industry?

The first game I worked on was Jazz Jackrabbit, which Arjan Brussee was programming for Epic Games I recall that Cliff Bleszinski was the game designer, level designer and artist. I was just in high school though, and I don't think any of my code ended up in the game. When Jazz Jackrabbit 2 came around, Arjan and I divided the programming work: I did most of the engine, the low-level code, and the editor, and Arjan focused on game code, networking and putting it all together.

It was awesome. I got to visit the US to work with the guys at Epic, and things just went from there. We finished Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - I'm still damn proud of that game – and we set up Orange Games in Arjan's office in Haarlem. We failed to produce any large high-quality games for a while, but at least we built up experience. At some point we merged with two other games companies, Digital Infinity and Formula, to gain the critical mass required to make something big. That turned out to be Killzone…"

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HarryEtTubMan4073d ago

The deffered rendering is what makes this games motion blur/lighting look so freaking crazy. Imagine Killzone commercials all over ur t.v. and then finally in your PS3. Gonna be an AMAZING day!

Meus Renaissance4073d ago

They'll need to show the "Representative of actual gameplay" text before the footage is shown and after its shown. Just for those who may not believe it.

shodown194073d ago

I dont think that would be neccessary. The reason being is because Killzone 2 is shaping up to look like the visual expectations the casual gamer has for the PS3. A lot of people never saw the E3 2005 video so they may never even know the difference or be aware that a mock-up was even done.

The review ratings will reflect solely on how much Sony advertises this game. Meaning, if Killzone 2 gets that Halo 3 advertising treatment(especially on the viral end) you will see 9's and 10's and 5/5's across the board. This will be done to make their website look good and adhere to what the mainstream wants.

If Sony decides to minimize costs and barely give it a push, it will get solid reviews ranging from the 7.5/8 range while the community itself will rate it significantly higher. Basically it will get the Resistance treatment.

From my own observation, it looks as if from a reviewer's perspective if a PS3 game falls short of breathtaking, it will receive unfair scores no matter how solid the game is. I believe they feel that since it's on PS3, a game being simply solid isnt good enough.

Though in my own opinion, I was one of the few who actually enjoyed the first Killzone and I'm looking foward to this sequel. More than anyone else so my expectations are high for this game.

My predictions for the rating of this game

Shodown's personal score-9.3

neogeo4073d ago

Sounds like a low budget/rushed game:)

nix4073d ago

i'll be getting KZ2 just to admire the graphics! ((:

rushbd4073d ago

or CliffyB ?? now we know why he changed it :D

mighty_douche4073d ago

...more on him than the game tho.

mesh14073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

gg or gurilla ent shud just shut up they have nothing to say, nor does any 1 have anyhting to learn from them they are not even third class game devs , the are no 1s they are no1s in making games they have not contributed any thing worth even a glimse at and know they expect us to believe this killzone 2 hype sorry i wont.

Panthers4073d ago

I think they proved themselves when they showed how close to the render they got. Killzone one was also decent, they just pushed the PS2 too far and it could not take it.

I would rather listen to something they say than you, so you shut up, thanks.

Liquid Ocelot4073d ago

he's saying that Guerrilla are basically bad Developers and that they haven't made a game worth looking at and no other developers has anything to learn from them.
Well i can safely say that your an idiot mesh Guerrilla is making one of the best looking games to date and i can't wait to get my hands on it.
It's a great time to be a PS3 owner.

spectyre4073d ago

I played and enjoyed Killzone. I am not a big fan of FPS's but I thought it was enjoyable and I can still get online and find at least 100 people ready to play a match.
Liberation is one of the highest rated games on the PSP and is a very solid title. I think Guerilla showed how much they have matured by using the isometric view over the first person, it works out much better for the PSP. Liberation's multiplayer is arguably the best on the PSP.
What Killzone 2 has shown us so far is how far they have taken this franchise. From what I have seen so far via the E3 '07 trailer is that GG has not only created a visually stunning game, but it just seems more immersive than anything else I have seen.

beavis4play4073d ago

are you drunk or just that stupid?

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