Are you desenstizied to horror? | Mad Overdose writes: Is it just me, or are horror games just not scary anymore? It’s already known that the whole horror genre has split into two sub-genres: survival and action. The latter of which being by far the most prominent. Now while I could write an entire essay on the genre, I would much rather talk briefly about the bigger issue – why is it that I am unable to experience a genuine sense of fear when playing videogames anymore?

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sinncross2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

The problem with modern horror games is *picks up Chaingun*


Scyrus2751d ago

games in the past never scared me, games now dont scary, same for movies, its fake why should i be scared? i die in every game why should i be scared just because the game says i should be scared? I am more likely to be killed in an online cod match by a 12 year old camper than i am in dead space 2 and hard mode. so why be scared?

i understand atmosphere, blahblahblah but it doesnt work for me. when i play horror games I just hope for the gameplay to be fun which deadspace 2 and resident evil 5 do great in. scare factor is normally zero for me atleast

Ser2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

No, not at all... I thought I was, until I played Amnesia.

Sparticus_12747d ago

I soiled my golf pants playing Amnesia!