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" Eye of Judgment is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card lover's wet dreams come true. It's a Magic: The Gathering meets Warhammer fanfest. It's a creature-summoning, deck-building, mana-releasing, element-aligning, field-placing orgasm of colored cardboard on an HDTV. That's right, it's card porn. " More after the jump.

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Canidae4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Let me get this straight they rated a CCG down for LACK of solo play? That is just insanity, almost all card games require more than one person to play. Also rated down for the possibility of being able to cheat!? I mean come on, if that is not the definition of reaching I don't know what is. The review was good, but I mean seriously.

AllanWakker4076d ago

Welcome to the totally bogus world of PS3 reviews!

Gotta keep those PS3 scores below 9/10 as much as possible.

Real Gambler4076d ago

For him, playing cards is something you do alone with your PC ; )

Also find strange that he claims you can photocopy the cards. I would have assumed that every reviews so far would mention it. Who would not try it. Particularly since they claim it cannot be done. And you know what happen if somebody tells you it cannot be done? Everybody try it just to make sure!

Still buying it day one. And not to play alone : )

lodossrage4076d ago

I honestly don't see any magic/yugioh player NOT buying this.

And in all honesty, I'm not even a card game fan and I want this game lol

Mikey_Gee4076d ago

I guess I just was never into card games other than Poker for money.

PimpHandHappy4076d ago

i wont

I want the camera thing for Burnout. When u wipe someone out it will snap a photo of the dude sitting on his couch. U will see the anger in his face! That is a crazy cool idea and it might be the only reason i buy Burnout again.

Chriswsm4076d ago

I have already pre-ordered. Never played a card game of this nature before (closest being Top Trumps as a kid) but for some reason I am facinated.

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The story is too old to be commented.