PS3 CHART: Operation Flashpoint leapfrogs Black Ops

Codemasters' Operation Flashpoint: Red River moves up three place from No.6 to No.3, settling ahead of Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops at No.4 and FIFA 11 at No.5.

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TomInc2758d ago

I'm glad to see some other FPS games getting up ahead of COD for a change. Hopefully it holds its place for a while!

badz1492758d ago

you realize that it's still a FPS, right? the market is crowded with it and it's not even funny anymore!

TomInc2758d ago

True, but its nice to see different publishers like codemasters hit out

Max_Dissatisfaction2758d ago

SOCOM week 2...number 10 in the PS3 only chart. Wow

badz1492758d ago

SOCOM is meant to be played online and with PSN being down, SOCOM will not suddenly have a massive SP appeal just because it's there! most people buy SOCOM for online and no online means no buy!

mcstorm2758d ago

Not seen the PS3 Charts for ages and I did not expect KZ3 to not be in the top 10 but Homefront be in there now looks like Homefront has some legs after all even though SP is poor the MP is fun. Good to see LBP2 and Red River selling well though.

BX812758d ago

Am I the only one wondering why Operation Flashpoint Red River is ahead of black ops if it hasn't released yet?