Need For Speed: The Run will use Frostbite 2

SystemLink: "Need For Speed: The Run was revealed last night with a teaser trailer, showing America's sights and some brutal crashes, volcanoes and avalanches. EA sent a press release around with the following info, including that The Run will use Frostbite 2."

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DrFUD2667d ago

Which means there will screen tearing and I'm not buying it

BeastlyRig2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

on what platfroms? Remember BF3 has jets & teh jets are fast!! I'll turn on vsync then..

jizzyjones2667d ago

That is the most pathetic reason yet for not buying a game.

M4I0N32667d ago

whoa, i knew the frostbite engine 2.0 was coming to the racing genre under EA but didnt expect it to be NFS, was hoping burnout to utilise it! However, we might still see it incorporated into the new burnout. Nevertheless, this need for speed title is looking very promising, cant wait!

xAlmostPro2667d ago

Good news, however EA have pretty much ran need for speed into the ground.. it's almost like fifa/madden/cod

New game evey year nothing new or exciting in any of them, take 2-3 years out and make a badass need for speed underground game

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theonlylolking2667d ago

Just think about the graphics on pc...amazing.

BeastlyRig2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

yes!! no bad pc port confirmed!! frostbite 2 rpg needs to come next!

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chadwarden2667d ago

I want an HD remake of need for speed 2 and nfs hot pursuit 2.

Too_many_games2667d ago

i want an HD remake of NFS Underground 1+2

Urrakia342667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Wouldn't you want to play your favorite classics in HD? You're basically saying you're against things like digitally remastered movie classics.

NiKK_4192667d ago

Hell yeah, I remember playing hot pursuit 2 on PC all the time...till it got stolen that is

morkendo232667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

so do i!! nfs2 and hotpursuit 2 rather have graphics like criterions hotpursuit

wonder will "THE RUN" be 2 player like highstakes,hotpursuit2,undergr ound???

TurboGamer2667d ago

Black box had proper time to make this nfs and with frostbite 2. Now we will have a real nfs finally and not the crappy wannabe nfs's(I'm looking at you Criterion Games and Slightly Mad Studios) This is 2011 its time for DX9 to go and embrace DX11 or at least DX10 I mean come on!!!!

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