Need for Speed: The Run: Trailer Analysis

TGH writes: A few weeks ago, rumors spread that Black Box Games was knee deep in a new Need for Speed title. For many series fans, thoughts went straight to the possibility of a new NFS: Underground. Not too long ago though, a new trailer was leaked for that project: Need for Speed: The Run. Let me just say, it looks pretty good. So, to see what we can glean from it we’ve slowed it down and picked out some details.

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MightyMark4272788d ago

Meh, I'm still playing Shift 2..

Rob9462788d ago

Never really got into Shift 2, this game looks pretty cool though so I might give it a go

morkendo232788d ago

look like EA got their game on this time around. shift was cool but love old fashion need for speed better.

ShadyDevil2788d ago

This game is going to be great but lets hope they push it up earlier than November. November is already too crowded of a gaming month.

Rob9462788d ago

Ya October maybe because if it's November im gonna have to pass on it

Ruggadagod2788d ago

first need for speed shift hot pursuit, then shift, now the run

calm down ea lol. going back to milking i see.