OXM: Commentators - the unsung heroes of multiplayer

OXM UK: "The best commentators are more than just anoraks with delusions of grandeur; they're spokespeople for the medium, transforming arcane design grammar and background lore into something your Gran might comprehend."

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Lone_Star2788d ago

At first I thought El Presador was kinda funny with his xbox bashing and rage while playing MW2. But then he got real confused and switched his loyalty to Xbox and started contradicting himself with every video he put out. I just think he says whatever will get him noticed it was never about loyalty to Sony or MS or games for that matter, the guy just likes attention and gamers are the only ones who will give him that.

RockmanII72788d ago

Good for him, console loyalty is stupid

SockMaster2788d ago

He is a straight up nightmaric beast, shouldnt take is fanboyism seriously, his stuff is pure flamebait and he isnt serious half the time....